• 1 2015 newport
  • 2  60s
  • 3    1974
  • 4- 1970s montage
  • 5  70s
  • 6- 1980s
  • 7 – 1980s montage
  • 8 -Pete Craig 80s
  • 9 ’80s jefferson starship
  • 10 -Knee deep
  • 11 miami vice
  • 12-Jefferson Starship Greates Hits Video ’70s ’80s
  • 13  -1st MTV Spring Break 1986
  • 14 -1990s
  • 15 – 1990s montage
  • 16 -GRAMMY 90s
  • 17 – Winterpark
  • 18  – 2000s montage
  • 19  -’10s blues
  • Jefferson Starship, Dragonfly

  • Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus

  • JJefferson Starship, Spitfire

  • Jefferson Starship, Earth

  • 005-Jefferson-Starship-Gold

  • 006-Jefferson-Starship-Freedom-at-Point-Zero

  • Jefferson Starship, Modern Times

  • Jefferson Starship, Winds of Change

  • Jefferson Starship, Nuclear Furniture

  • Starship, Knee Deep in the Hoopla

  • 011-Starship-No-Protection

  • 012Starship-Greatest-Hits

  • Panorama by Craig Chaquico

  • Acoustic Highway by Craig Chaquico

  • Acoustic Planet by Craig Chaquico

  • A Thousand Pictures by Craig Chaquico

  • Once in a Blue Universe by Craig Chaquico

  • From The Redwoods To The Rockies by Craig Chaquico and Russ Freeman

  • Four Corners by Craig Chaquico

  • Shadow and Light by Craig Chaquico

  • Midnight Noon by Craig Chaquico

  • Holiday by Craig Chaquico

  • Follow The Sun by Craig Chaquico

  • Fire Red Moon by Craig Chaquico



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07.24.2017     NATIONAL PARKS PRESS RELEASE: Legendary Guitarist Craig Chaquico Musically Explores the “Circle of Discovery” National Parks! Guitarist and composer Craig Chaquico is exploring the musical soul of northern California and southern Oregon’s iconic State of Jefferson “Circle of Discovery” national parks starting this week with a recording of[…]


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In a split second one man was dead and a star was born. Twelve year old Craig Chaquico and his dad were driving down the highway in their Ford Galaxy when suddenly there was a flash of light and a screech of tearing mangled metal. They had been hit head[…]

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Guitar Player… San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle…  New York Times… Rolling Stone… Modern Recording… GQ… People… USA Today… American Iron… BAM… Acoustic Musician… Song Hits… Smooth Jazz News… MOUNTAIN IN THE MIST – from Acoustic Highway (a Billboard Magazine #1 album of the year)     and JANE – from Freedom[…]

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At the age of twelve, Craig Chaquico’s young world came crashing down, literally, when he and his father were in a serious automobile accident involving a drunk driver. He suffered two broken arms and a broken leg. Through music, Craig found a way to cope,’ in fact thrive, through the[…]