• 1 2015 newport
  • 2  60s
  • 3    1974
  • 4- 1970s montage
  • 5  70s
  • 6- 1980s
  • 7 – 1980s montage
  • 8 -Pete Craig 80s
  • 9 ’80s jefferson starship
  • 10 -Knee deep
  • 11 miami vice
  • 12-Jefferson Starship Greates Hits Video ’70s ’80s
  • 13  -1st MTV Spring Break 1986
  • 14 -1990s
  • 15 – 1990s montage
  • 16 -GRAMMY 90s
  • 17 – Winterpark
  • 18  – 2000s montage
  • 19  -’10s blues
  • Jefferson Starship, Dragonfly

  • Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus

  • JJefferson Starship, Spitfire

  • Jefferson Starship, Earth

  • 005-Jefferson-Starship-Gold

  • 006-Jefferson-Starship-Freedom-at-Point-Zero

  • Jefferson Starship, Modern Times

  • Jefferson Starship, Winds of Change

  • Jefferson Starship, Nuclear Furniture

  • Starship, Knee Deep in the Hoopla

  • 011-Starship-No-Protection

  • 012Starship-Greatest-Hits

  • Panorama by Craig Chaquico

  • Acoustic Highway by Craig Chaquico

  • Acoustic Planet by Craig Chaquico

  • A Thousand Pictures by Craig Chaquico

  • Once in a Blue Universe by Craig Chaquico

  • From The Redwoods To The Rockies by Craig Chaquico and Russ Freeman

  • Four Corners by Craig Chaquico

  • Shadow and Light by Craig Chaquico

  • Midnight Noon by Craig Chaquico

  • Holiday by Craig Chaquico

  • Follow The Sun by Craig Chaquico

  • Fire Red Moon by Craig Chaquico



Captain’s Log

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 01.01.17  “From the State of Jefferson to star-spangled stages, my own band in lights, the 2016 concerts a warm afterglow following the mid-fall and early-winter twilights last gleaming, to the intimate bedsides of children still inside hospitals… From the ancient, prehistoric, million-year-old catherdral-like Ghost Cave surrounded by it’s very own labyrinth of  eternally nocturnal[…]

Craig Chaquico - Rock On Magazine Cover

Craig Chaquico Voyages Beyond the Starship

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In a split second one man was dead and a star was born. Twelve year old Craig Chaquico and his dad were driving down the highway in their Ford Galaxy when suddenly there was a flash of light and a screech of tearing mangled metal. They had been hit head[…]


Some Magazines, Covers and Stuff…

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Guitar Player… San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle…  New York Times… Rolling Stone… Modern Recording… GQ… People… USA Today… American Iron… BAM… Acoustic Musician… Song Hits… Smooth Jazz News… MOUNTAIN IN THE MIST – from Acoustic Highway (a Billboard Magazine #1 album of the year)     and JANE – from Freedom[…]

Craig Hospital 67

Full Circle -Pay it Forward

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At the age of twelve, Craig Chaquico’s young world came crashing down, literally, when he and his father were in a serious automobile accident involving a drunk driver. He suffered two broken arms and a broken leg. Through music, Craig found a way to cope,’ in fact thrive, through the[…]