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Jefferson Starship’s & Starship’s GLORY YEARS, 1973-1990 (the Craig Years)

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Jefferson Starship The Glory YearsRed Octopus in the 1970s included Marty Balin, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Pete Sears, Craig, Papa John Creach, David Frieberg, and John Barbata, and in the ’80s, Mickey Thomas and Aynsley Dunbar joined the band.  While other band members came and went throughout both decades, Craig was the last original founding member and hit songwriter to leave the original Starship in 1990, and it was then officially disbanded.

>>>  RIDE THE TIGER – from Dragonfly


Red Octopus Back Cover ChaquicoCraigChaquicoRedOctopusLabel1Jefferson Starship's Guitarist Craig Chaquico --- Image by © Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS

>>>  MIRACLES – from Red Octopus 



>>> FAST BUCK FREDDIE – from Red Octopus

Craig Chaquico- Rolling Stone- Best of 1975All the huge hits of the ’70s and ’80s were recorded entirely during Craig’s tenure which ended in 1990. Songs like Craig’s “Jane,” “Find Your Way Back,” “Rock Music,” and “Layin’ It On The Line,”  are still crowd favorites along with “Sara,” “We Built This City,” “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” and “Stranger,” which often appear in Craig’s Smooth Jazz/Concert sets (sometimes with a surprise guest or two) along with lots of guitar.

Craig Chaquico Jefferson Starship in Rollingstone

>>>  PLAY ON LOVE – from Red Octopus

Juke box CRAIG CHAQUICO 1       Juke Box CRAIG CHAQUICO 2       Juke box CRAIG CHAQUICO 3

>>> NOTHING’S GONNA STOP US NOW – from No Protection and Mannequin

Miracles-Chaquico JANE Craig Chaquico Find Your Way Back WeBuiltThisCityChaquico SARAchaquico Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Stranger Runaway1 Ride The Tiger Play-On-Love St. Charles Winds Of Change Layin It O The Line No Way Out Count On Me Be My Lady Crazy Feeling With-Your-Love ROCK MUSIC Ligh The Sky On Fires

In 1990 Craig embarked on his own Acoustic Highway and Billboard #1, million-selling, Grammy-nominated, Smooth Jazz, New Age, and Blues guitar trek. 

Greetings and salutations to all, with great respect and much gratitude. From the accordion to Accoladia; to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new chordalizations;  to boldly go where no band has…”

‘It’s No Secret’  that Craig is the only one original founding member, lead guitarist and hit songwriter who actually played on all the original Jefferson Starship and Starship hits, songs, tours, MTV videos and albums from the 1st original Jefferson Starship album in 1974 until the very last of the Starship’s in 1990.

With only one band member left in the Starship, who was also the only lead singer remaining, the Starship band offically disbanded shortly after Craig departed.” – Ron Santos KSAN

STARSHIP FEATURING MICKEY THOMAS   AllMusicStarshipFeaturingMickeyThomas

Information above from Wikipedia and AllMusic.com


mickey thomasMickey Thomas was left without a band and songwriter when Craig (the final musician and original founding member to leave) left. So a few years later Mickey formed his very own brand new bandMickey Thomas Starship1 called ‘Starship: featuring Mickey Thomas’ with people who were never actually in Starship or Jefferson Starship, but who still play and re-record really exciting covers of the original ’70s -’80s hits. These are clearly being billed as Starship: featuring Mickey Thomas.


Beware FAKE Starship Greatest Hits compilations misleadingly billed as the original Starship recordings!

IMG_5196     IMG_5195     FAKE STARSHIP     FAKE JEFFERSON STARSHIP     fake starship lineup poster 2014

Beware FAKE albums and falsely advertised reunion or anniversary tour posters!

Paul Kantner and David Freiberg have had similar stellar versions of new Jefferson Starships in a magnificently successful Lagrangian orbit. Both touring bands still Jefferson Starship Notplay and re-record some of the original bands’ hit songs from the ’70s and ’80s often amazingly true to form.

Jefferson Starship ORIGINAL CDSCraig and John Barbata are the only ones who haven’t performed with any of the ever-evolving bands currently using the legendary names, but Craig must be flattered that they are all still playing and re-recording all of Craig’s hit songs, arrangements and signature guitar parts.Paul and David Jefferson Starship

 ‘HEY, THAT’S OK WITH ME, I AM TOO! says Craig who is flattered and has continued to record #1 hit records and headline his own Live shows using his own name since 1990 after the original Starship disbanded.

“Even though they are all still alive and kicking, except for Papa John Creach (RIP), the original multi-platinum Jefferson Starship line-up  (Pete Sears, David Freiberg, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Grace Slick, Craig Chaquico and John Barbata) hasn’t performed together since 1978. – Anonymous musical sophisticate

>>> MOUNTAIN IN THE MIST – from Acoustic Highway (a #1 Billboard album of the year)

1970s v1.0

IMG_2793 Jefferson-Starship-1st-Tour IMG_2973 70s RollingStoneJeffersonStarship get-attachment.aspx rollingstone2014-12-12 17.28.55     IMG_4356     IMG_4418  IMG_2978    IMG_4353   Craig Chaquico Spotlight Heros   Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus 1975

IMG_3594 IMG_2804  IMG_4244 Guitarists Craig Chaquico and Paul Kantner of Jefferson Starship joke around during a free concert in Golden Gate Park. Jefferson Starship 78IMG_5068 2IMG_5071 3IMG_2806 IMG_2035 IMG_0178  IMG_1838


1970s v2-0

2014-03-24 23.27.01  IMG_2013  Jefferson Starship Guitarist Craig ChaquicoIMG_1839 IMG_1931 2014-03-25 00.22.012014-01-24 08.20.36 2013-09-15 09.08.50 IMG_1945 Grace Slick Jefferson Starship Craig and PeteSpitfireBackCover IMG_1832 FreedomPointZeroOutTakeNov 1975Jefferson Starship   IMG_4571   Craig Chaquico Spitefire

IMG_1023_2Darth Vader Jefferson Starship ChaquicoIMG_1924GraceCraigDarthMoreGuitarJefferson Starship, Earth IMG_28131978_craig_chaquico_9IMG_2963 (1) get-attachment-1.aspx a

1970s v3.0

IMG_4058 IMG_4057-300x182  FullSizeRender 182  Starship 1974 - Acoustic Planet 1995IMG_2839   aaGOLD  IMG_2837    LightTheSkyOnFire Single    LightTheSkyOnFireAsian  OddLightsRussianSky   FireInSkyLosAngeles

IMG_4515Will you Light The Sky On Fire…  Will you light the sky like you did the night before… You can take me higher than the diamonds in the sky… Take me, Light In The Sky, and we’ll vanish without a trace… in a cigar-shaped object”

– Light The Sky On Fire (Lyrics and Music by: Craig Chaquico), performed by: Jefferson Starship) and featured in the infamous STARWARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL!  Some ancient astronaut theorists believe this could  be “the best film since ‘Break Like The Wind'”


1970s v4.0

IMG_1015  IMG_1014-2  IMG_2840  Jefferson Starship's guitarist Craig Chaquico performs during a secret, illegal concert given by the group in Golden Gate Park's Marx Meadows.

2013-09-15 09.10.31   2014-03-25 00.21.25  2013-09-10 13.55.17  IMG_2857 IMG_2807IMG_2413  IMG_2798

IMG_4357     IMG_2399

>>> JANE

IMG_1936  IMG_4354  Members of Jefferson Starship stay in a disguised equipment truck before a secret, illegal concert given by the group in Golden Gate Park's Marx Meadows.  IMG_2186 Jefferson-Starship-Freedom-at-Point-Zero-Grace1 Craig Chaquico Jefferson Starship 2014-01-24 08.23.30 Jefferson Starship BAM 70s IMG_2452  IMG_2453  IMG_3802   carvin doubleneck193

1980s v1.0

IMG_2991 IMG_2401Jefferson Starship Spe00018 Pete and Craig
Craig 12string133


1980s v2-0

Craig Chaquico and Jefferson Starship  IMG_1419IMG_3319 IMG_1939IMG_1051_2IMG_3691 IMG_1013  IMG_1763  nothings gonna stop us now  Craig Chaquico PR shotIMG_3317IMG_3788

IMG_3374  IMG_3704  80s Starship Songbook 00004 IMG_3615 (1) IMG_4277  IMG_3390IMG_3706  IMG_3002  IMG_2999  IMG_1024_2


19803 v3.0

We Buit This City Craig Chaquico  SARA Craig Chaquico  Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now   IMG_3701  80s Starship Europe cover  Elvin Starship  2014-12-07 04.27.12  IMG_4280

IMG_1610 2014-12-09 19.07.30  IMG_3794   CHAQUICO-GRAMMY-we-built-this-city  IMG_3795   IMG_1348   IMG_1589   IMG_3686 (1) Starship Rock Band   IMG_3707   IMG_1611  aGrace Slick Craig Chaquico    IMG_3338   SolidGold   solid gold dancers IMG_3689  STARSHIP  NoProtectionPR  IMG_2136 IMG_3318   IMG_3702Craig & Grace Air Guitar TokyoClassic Craig Carvin Ad  Carvin V-220 1984IMG_1947



Craig Chaquico Nothins Gonna Stop Us Now   NothinsGonnaStopUsNowQ card   IMG_1929 Craig Chaquico and Grace Slick   Craig Chaquico and Narada Michael Waldon   Craig Chaquico Solo in Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now   60th academy IMG_5103  Craig Chaquico  60thAcademy Awards  IMG_3696  2014-12-07 03.21.29  2014-11-23 16.49.57  GRAMMY60thAcademyOscars   IMG_3339OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   MANNEQUINN Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now  Craig Chaquico Oscar  IMG_1195   IMG_1189   IMG_1200


DC productions AmericanBandstand Dick Clark Introduces Jefferson Starship1 Dick Clark American Bandstand2Dick Clark Grace Slick Craig Chaquico3 Craig Chaquico Mickey Thomas American Bandstand  Craig Chaquico cracks Dick up5 IMG_1231

1980s 4.0

IMG_5060   IMG_5238 2   Youngblood  Guardians of the Galaxy  RockOfAges  IMG_5062IMG_5239 2 IMG_5234 2 IMG_5237 2 IMG_5240 2 IMG_5232 2 IMG_5233 2  IMG_1769  golden globe  GoldenGlobesCraigTv IMG_1279 Craig and Mickey Michael Jackson Capt EO JPEG image-DBC8A77B9098-1 IMG_1476 Captain EOCraig Chaquico Captain EO2 Craig Chaquico Capt EO8 IMG_5200 2 IMG_1469  IMG_1471  IMG_1454  Craig Chaquico Capt EO15  Craig Chaquico Captin EO8  Craig Chaquico Captain EO4  Craig Chaquico Capt EO7

IMG_1263   IMG_1285   IMG_1308   IMG_1268 IMG_1901Hbk9r
IMG_1311   IMG_1284   IMG_1309 IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1288
IMG_1283  IMG_1296  IMG_1798FullSizeRender 177  FullSizeRender 178  FullSizeRender 175  FullSizeRender 176 KNEE DEEP IN THE HOOPLA  Original Jefferson Starship 1975   hi-reJeffersonStarshipModrnTimesBandPhoto 2013-09-15 08.33.41 IMG_3388 IMG_3341    Elvin-Starship-1     IMG_3008 FullSizeRender 167GRAMMYposter 37

and solo it begins1


red rockers #1 SF, Starship, 49s, 00001Carvin Kiesel

VARIETY IMG_5243 2  IMG_5242 2

The 1990s began Craig’s own award-winning Guitar Trek back to the present time. Studio photo taken Oct., 21, 2015, with the all-new 24-fret Aries A6 bevel-top bolt-neck guitar from Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop. Craig’s is the first of this barnd new design ever shipped! Note: Craig’s eagle logo inlays and flame maple top!

>>> #1 CAFE CARNIVAL – from #1 Panorama