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Craig Chaquico - Rock On Magazine Cover

In a split second one man was dead and a star was born. Twelve year old Craig Chaquico and his dad were driving down the highway in their Ford Galaxy when suddenly there was a flash of light and a screech of tearing mangled metal. They had been hit head on by a drunk driver, who was killed instantly.

CriagChaquico - Rock On Magazine 2016  Craig Chaquico - Rock On Magazine 2016 (2)

.Craig Chaquico - Bliss Babe Mag Sept-Oct, 2016 CoverCraig Chaquico. This legendary guitarist is both renown and notable. Craig Chaquico may be one of the biggest and best superstar guitar players whose name you’re not familiar with. Original founding member, lead guitarist, and songwriter for both Jefferson Starship and Starship, this Grammy-nominated acoustic jazz solo artist was born in Sacramento to musician parents in 1954. He got his first guitar at age 10, and started playing in earnest at age 12 while in the hospital recovering from a catastrophic head-on collision. His dad promised to buy him a Les Paul guitar if he worked through the pain, and he did.

Craig Chaquico - Bliss Babe Mag Sept-Oct, 2016 Article  Craig Chaquico - Guitar Player Sept. 2015 CC - GP Article Sept. 2015 (p. 1 of 2) CC - GP Article Sept. 2015 (p. 2 of 2)CraigChaquico-VintageGuitarJeff State Vibes Cover

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