Jefferson State Music Festival

  • Date: August 24, 2012
  • Time:08:00
  • Location: Cave Junction, Oregon
  • Venue: Jefferson State Music Festival
  •  Sold Out


Jefferson what? Craig and the band prearranged their Jefferson State Music Festival set to start at the exact time in the early evening twilight as to coincide with the ISS flyby (International Space Station flyby) directly overhead at a near maxim brightness magnitude of (-4.0) that is second only to the moon and the sun

“…and the stage lights. It was kinda hard to see at first. It was a little different than just camping in the mountains during a fly-by where all the stars in the sky look so bright and close that  you could almost bat them down with a long enough blanket” said Craig in the Captain’s Log while visiting more cool places to play,  strange new lands and cultures, to boldly go where no…

HempFest Craig Chaquico Headliner  Craig Chaquico Jefferson Hempfest



To host a world class music event that provides outlets for cannabis advocates to educate the public on the many potential benefits and uses of the cannabis plant. This includes religious, medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic, environmental, and other practical applications.


Three day music festival and educational hemp exposition featuring speakers and hemp industry advocates, 30+ regional and national musical acts and headliners on two stages, plus camping, vendors, food, artists, music, and more.