Bloomsbury Books Booksigning & Mini-Performance

  • Date: May 11, 2015
  • Time:07:00
  • Location: Ashland, Oregon
  • Venue: Bloomsbury Books

Bloomsbury BookSIgning Guitar Player Bloomsbury Guitar Player signing Bloomsbury-Guitar-Player-book-signing1 Bloomsbury booksigning Guitar Player1 Carvin-V-220-19841-438x616OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Carvin-CC275 VintageGuitar2 Carvin CC 275 model

We really had a ter-RIFF-ic time at Bloomsbury’s! We were welcomed and made to feel at home by Susan and Greg and the gang. Thanks so much to them for hosting us at our own local, independent bookstore! And especially HUGE thank yous to everybody who came out to support the event on a rainy Oregon Monday evening.

We were told it was one of the best turnouts ever for a book signing there — if not THE best.

Craig played Live in between readings and guitar pick manufacturing from recycled driver’s licenses demonstrated. On display with Craig’s own Carvin Signature Model Guitar CC-275 that Craig played were some of Craig’s own rare old original issues of Guitar Player magazine some dating back to the 60s, through the 70s & 80s.

(Preshow info below)

Dara & Jim Guitar Player  GPbookCover 1

CraigDaraBloomsbury1aCraig will be joining author/editor, Dara Crockett, at Bloomsbury Books to read from and sign Guitar  Player:  The Inside Story. Craig was one of the guitar players and national artists who graced the cover of Guitar Player in the ’80s and is also proud to be featured along with stellar artists such as George Benson, Joe Perry, Steve VaiJohnny Winter, and many others as part of this historic and insightfully entertaining new book about the first two decades of the most successful guitar magazine ever.

Carvin CC 275 modelVintageGuitar2Craig will happily play a song or two Live for the guests at Bloomsbury on his Carvin Craig Chaquico Signature Model guitar that he designed. “So consider yourself warned…” – Craig   


Craig Dara Jim Crockett Guitar layer Book1

Craig with father and daughter editing team,  Dara and Jim Crockett.  Photo: John Sievert

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