Four Corners by Craig Chaquico

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Four Corners

  • Release date: June 29, 1999
  • Label: Higher Octave
  • Catalog #: VHOCD43

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Four Corners works its way backwards through the musical life of this former rock guitarist (Jefferson Starship) and current smooth jazz phenomenon. The disc opens with the sound of a rush of wind leading into the laid-back Russ Freeman composition “The Drifter,” which finds the two friends contemplating the universe with swirling, soaring acoustic and electric guitars amid spacy atmospheric sounds and percussive rumbling. Combining a crunchy shuffling hip-hop groove with more organic tribal rhythms behind a cool weave of his guitar and Ozzie Ahlers‘ bluesy keyboard harmonies, Chaquico explores both the calm and the energy inherent in the color shifts as a “Turquoise Moon” rises over the desert. “Red Rocks” — featuring the lazy flügelhorn accents of John Halblieb — and the densely percussive “Arizona Daybreak” also capture that vibe.

Then Chaquico invites listeners back to where it all began, the years before he joined Starship when he was listening to their first incarnation, Jefferson Airplane. His abstract approach to “Somebody to Love” requires more than one listen to catch the familiar melody. He and soprano saxman Richard Hardy spin in psychedelic circles around a marching drumbeat hypnosis created by 3rd Force. “Haight Ashbury,” no doubt conceived by Chaquico and co-writerBoney James as an ode to San Francisco and flower power, comes across not as a ’60s throwback but simply another radio-perfect hit crafted by producer Paul Brown. And while Chaquico‘s albums usually tackle adult issues like spirituality and ancient explorations, it’s touching to see him convey a more innocent childlike wonder on the gentle sway of “A Mother’s Heart.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars He doesn’t get older…He gets even BETTER, February 10, 2000
This review is from: Four Corners (Audio CD)
For those who enjoy music of the NEW AGE genre,Craig’s FOUR CORNERS CD is something to appreciate. After a long day at the office, or even the stress from a regular 9 to 5’er, this is definately something to come home to and prop up those weary legs and just relax in the music. I found Craig’s music by accident when I purchased a CD with various artists that contained one of his compositions and couldn’t get enough. Since that time, I’ve purchased almost anything and everything he has been a part of. The soothing sounds of not only his guitar, but also of the beat is something to be cherished.
The Music
04:30 The Drifter  
05:20 Forbidden Love  
04:19 Turquoise Moon
05:06 Red Rocks  
05:35 Arizona Daybreak  
03:52 Somebody To Love  
07:14 A Mother’s Heart  
03:15 Haight Ashbury  
05:23 Samba Del Rio  
04:26 Borders  
05:55 Four Corners


The Artists
Craig Chaquico  –  Guitars, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Russ Freeman  –  Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Keyboard Programming, Additional Production, Mixing
Ozzie Ahlers  –  Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals, Bass, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Alex Marlowe  –  Additional Percussion
Bill Heller  –  Keyboards, Programming
Jim Reitzel  –  Bass
Kevin Paladini  –  Tenor Sax
Derek Jones  –  Bass
John Halblieb  –  Flugelhorn
William Aura  –  Bass, Associate Production, Engineering, Mixing
Craig Dobbin  –  Keyboards
Alain Eskinasi  –  Grooves, Keyboards
Richard Hardy  –  Soprano Sax
Paul Brown  –  Programming, Arranging, Production, Mixing
Mark Ellis Stephens  –  Keyboards
Rick Braun  –  Programming, Production, Engineering
Greg Karukas  –  Keyboards
Everett Harp  –  Saxophone
Wade Olson  –  Drums
Nick Saldano  –  Mixing
Doug Sax  –  Mastering
Dan Steinberg  –  Engineering
Steve Sykes  –  Mixing
Matt Marshall  –  Executive Production
Dan Selene  –  Executive Production
Scott Bergstein  –  Sales & Marketing
Kenny Nemes  –  Product Marketing Management
Robert Fisher  –  Art Direction, Design
Jay Blakesberg  –  Photography
Gina Grimes  –  Production Management
Recorded at Lunatunes, OzWorld, Cheyenne Mountain Ranch Studios (Woodland Park, CO), Auravision Studios (Ojai, CA), Funky Joint Studios (Sherman Oaks, CA), Brauntosoarus Studios (Woodland Hills, CA).Mixed at Cheyenne Mountain Ranch Studios (Woodland Park, CO), Funky Joint Studios (Sherman Oaks, CA), Brauntosoarus Studios (Woodland Hills, CA).Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA.