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Acoustic Highway (…Billboard Magazine #1 Indie New Age Album of the Year)

  • Release date: June 11, 1993
  • Label: Higher Octave
  • Catalog #: 77542

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After years as lead guitarist for Jefferson Starship, Craig Chaquico makes his solo instrumental debut with Acoustic Highway. The album is filled with uniquely memorable harmonies and emotional guitar melodies which rotate and shine, turning on its own diverse axis through passionate rhythms on “Return of the Eagle,” romantic sensual moods of “Summer’s End” or the irresistible opening riffs on the first cut, “Mountains in the Mist.” Keyboards and percussion are ably handled by co-writer and co-producer Ozzie Ahlers, with all the guitars and stereo guitar sound effects provided by Chaquico. Acoustic Highway features songs that sparkle like finely faceted gems mined from the depths of his musical experience and considerable finesse.
~ Backroads Music/Heartbeats

Acoustic Highway is without doubt the purest of all Chaquico albums. The instrumental landscapes he paints with majestic melodies and Native American earth beats spread the complete spectrum of sense and emotion. Each song on this album contains nostalgic undercurrents of innocent, child-like adventure. Have you ever actually “heard” the stars come out at night? Have you ever actually “heard” the smell of Californian Redwoods while at home in front of your stereo? Chaquico uses layers of tracks with sound effects and surround sounds to bring the listener into a new, pseudo-world. Chaquico is no doubt a genius songwriter. His songs are at the same time crafted and improvised, held-back and let-loose. This man can jam. Great road trip music. A must buy. Title track #5, “Acoustic Highway,” truly reaches a cathartic moment by the end of the song.
~ Charles Lawrence


1. Mountains in the Mist
2. Return of the Eagle
3. Gypsy Nights
4. Angel Tears
5. Acoustic Highway
6. Sacred Ground
7. Summers End
8. Land of the Giants
9. Sunset Altar


Craig Chaquico Guitars, Stereo Guitar Sound Effects, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Liner Notes
Ozzie Ahlers  –  Keyboards, Percussion, Production, Mixing
William Aura  –  Associate Production, Mixing
Matt Marshall  –  Executive Production
Dan Selene  –  Executive Production
Rolf Hartley  –  Pre-mix Digital Production
Craig Dobbin  –  Midi Tech Support
Joseph L. Steiner III  –  Digital Mastering
Lisa S. Almaraz  –  Liner Notes
Carl Studna  –  Photography
Timothy White  –  Photography
Murry Whiteman Design
Dee Westlund  –  Art Direction
Recorded at Lunatunes, Mill Valley, CA.Mixed at Auravision Studios, Ojai, CA.Digitally mastered with Full Dimension Sound at Quadtech Studios, Los Angeles, CA.