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New Vive Studios & Beamz Interactive app enables users of all skill levels and abilities to compose & perform compelling music in VR

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 28, 2017 – VR’s intuitive controls allow users to compose and play compelling musical scores that sound great every time! The app’s library consists of over 20 interactive songs from a host of music genres to suit all tastes, and features songs from superstar artists Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Flo Rida, Grammy-nominated guitarist Craig Chaquico, acclaimed jazz saxophonist Euge Groove, and legendary Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. Also included in the English version are 13 Education & Health Care games and songs, a Life Skill and Therapy Overview Guide, and lesson plans to provide therapeutic exercises and experiences for individuals of all abilities and/or special needs. For More Info and to Purchase:www.jamstudiovr.com

CC – Beamz Press Release for VR

GE2 2017 Experiences!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjExY-WAvso&feature=youtu.be

JAM STUDIO VR (2017) Craig Chaquico in Virtual Reality!


Craig Chaquico, Grammy Nominated Guitarist, talks about Jam Studio VR and the great experience everyone can achieve when they release their inner musician and make music! Available now for HTC VIVE on Viveport and SteamCC – Beamz Press Release for VR 2



NATIONAL PARKS PRESS RELEASE: Legendary Guitarist Craig Chaquico Musically Explores the “Circle of Discovery” National Parks!

Guitarist and composer Craig Chaquico is exploring the musical soul of northern California and southern Oregon’s iconic State of Jefferson “Circle of Discovery” national parks starting this week with a recording of acoustic music within each of the parks. The new CD project is part of an artistic and educational partnership with the National Park Service. “Every national park is its own creative, spiritual, and inspirational world,” says Chaquico, “and I hope to share some of my inspiration through music recorded within these special places.”

The CD project is in collaboration with the “Circle of Discovery” National Parks: Redwood, Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, Lava Beds, Lassen Volcanic, and Whiskeytown. The first recordings took place in Redwood National and State Parks. “National parks have inspired artists of all kinds for generations,” says Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve Superintendent Vicki Snitzler, “and we are proud to support and foster Craig’s musical exploration of the Circle parks.” Chaquico will record inside the Oregon Caves later this summer. The project will result in a CD with liner notes sharing interpretive stories about each of the parks.

As lead guitarist/songwriter on all of the Jefferson Starship and Starship albums and videos  during their hit-making years, from 1974 – 1990, Craig Chaquico (pronounced “Cha-kee-so”) garnered 20 platinum and gold records. In 1993, he forged a solo career as a contemporary jazz/new age guitarist, with music inspired by a lifetime of exploring and celebrating the outdoors. His first album, 1993’s Acoustic Highway, which earned Billboard Magazine’s New Age Independent Album of the Year, and 1994’s Grammy-nominated, Acoustic Planet, were among many albums recorded in Craig’s studio in the redwoods. Ashland, Oregon resident Craig Chaquico has become one of the top contemporary jazz/new age artists, selling over a million copies of his solo material, and has cemented his standing as an American classic rock, guitar legend.

The project began with Chaquico recording at Redwoods National and State Parks July 22 and 23, and will now proceed to each of the other “Circle of Discovery” parks in the coming months. The CD will be released sometime in 2018. Chaquico’s new acoustic recordings will resonate with the natural beauty and human stories preserved within the “Circle of Discovery” national parks. “As stewards of the park system,” says Chaquico, “we are the guardians of Eden and much of my previous music was inspired in some of these very gardens.”


Date: July 24, 2017

Contact: George Herring, Chief of Interpretation (541) 592-2100 x2225

click thumbnails for full official press release

A Thousand Pictures by Craig ChaquicoOnce in a Blue Universe by Craig ChaquicoFour Corners by Craig ChaquicoPanorama by Craig Chaquico 


The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage.


Lead Guitarist’s Suit Against Jefferson Starship Survives

Lead Guitarist’s Suit Against Jefferson Starship Survives

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — A federal judge Tuesday refused to dismiss a lawsuit from Jefferson Starship’s former lead guitarist, who wants the group to stop using the rock band’s famous name.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Maria Elena James denied a motion to dismiss Craig Chaquico’s second amended complaint.

Chaquico sued his former bandmates David Freiberg and Donny Baldwin in April, claiming they are using his likeness and the Jefferson Starship name to promote their new group, despite a 1985 agreement to retire the band’s name.

Freiberg and Baldwin argued that images featuring the former lead guitarist were expressive works, not commercial speech, and exempt from false endorsement laws under the Lanham Act.

But in a 14-page ruling, James rejected arguments that the use of Chaquico’s likeness in ads and promotions were “anything but commercial speech,” subject to laws that forbid the use of false or misleading endorsements in advertising.

She found no allegations supporting a finding that Chaquico’s likeness was used in “an expressive work or in a work where the commercial and noncommercial elements are inextricably intertwined.”

James also denied a motion to strike from the complaint that the amount at stake exceeds $75,000, the threshold for federal court jurisdiction, even though Chaquico is not seeking monetary damages.

Freiberg and Baldwin called that an impermissible attempt to introduce new claims in the amended complaint.

But James found the complaint “does not add a new claim or theory of liability, only an additional basis for jurisdiction.”

The defendants also argued that because Chaquico is not seeking money for his breach of contract claim, the court has no jurisdiction. But James found “nothing in the record indicates plaintiff does not value his breach of contract claim in an amount greater than $75,000.”

Freiberg and Baldwin’s attorney Travis Life played down the significance of the ruling in an email Tuesday, saying his clients expect to prevail at a later stage.

“It is very early in the case and this was purely a pleading motion, meaning the court has not had the opportunity to see any evidence,” Life wrote. “Once the court has seen the evidence, we expect to win on the merits.”

Life is with Leavens, Strand and Glover in Chicago.

Jefferson Airplane, one of the leading bands of the 1960s, was formed in San Francisco in 1965 and broke up in 1971 or 1972. Its hit song, “White Rabbit,” was a virtual anthem of psychedelic rock, as was its other big hit, “Someone to Love.”

After the breakup, two of Jefferson Airplane’s founding members, Paul Kantner and Grace Slick, put together Jefferson Starship in 1974. Chaquico was part of Jefferson Starship’s original lineup.

After Kantner left the band in 1984, the remaining band members agreed to retire the Jefferson Starship name, according to Chaquico’s complaint. Chaquico says he gave Kantner permission to use the name again in 1993, but that permission expired when Kantner died in January 2016 — though other members of the band continued using the name.

James denied a previous motion to dismiss Chaquico’s lawsuit in August, ruling that he could pursue a breach of contract claim against Baldwin and Freiberg, but only as to breaches that occurred after Kantner died in 2016.

Also named as defendants are the other members of the current Jefferson Starship lineup: Chris Smith, Jude Gold and Catherine Richardson.

The band has tour dates booked in New York, Florida, Canada and California through July 2018, according to the band’s website.

Chaquico’s attorney Gregory Gabriel, with Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert in Santa Monica, did not immediately respond to an email request for comment Tuesday.


  • * Note: There is one error in the above article that says:

“The San Francisco-based judge also dismissed Chaquico’s claim for earlier alleged contract breaches, and a trademark claim over the use of his likeness.” Note that Craig did not ever seek a claim for ‘earlier alleged contract breaches.’ He has always known that his case against Freiberg and Baldwin started when Paul died in 2016, per his own agreement with Paul in 1993, so he never alleged a breach of contract for activities prior to Paul’s passing.

Craig sues part-time ex-bandmembers

Jefferson Starship Guitarist Sues Ex-Bandmates Over Name Use

Craig Chaquico says the right to perform as Jefferson Starship died with Paul Kantner.
Jefferson Starship’s lead guitarist says his former bandmates and their new colleagues have been using the group’s name and his likeness without permission.Craig Chaquico says that when Paul Kantner left the band in 1985 the remaining members signed an agreement to retire the Jefferson Starship name. Decades later, he says David Frieberg and Donny Baldwin have breached that deal and are performing with other musicians and selling merchandise that bears the band’s original name.Back in the 90s, Kantner toured with various musicians under the name Jefferson Starship and Chaquico objected. They ultimately settled and the guitarist gave Kantner, and only Kantner, permission to use the name. Chaquico says he believes Kantner received similar permission from some of the others who signed the 1985 agreement.Freiberg joined Kantner in 2005 and Baldwin was added in 2008. Until Kantner’s death in 2016, the group toured under the name Jefferson Starship.”Because Chaquico only granted Kantner permission to use the Jefferson Starship name, Chaquico’s permission terminated upon Kantner’s death,” writes attorney David Swift of Kinsella Weitzman. “Chaquico has repeatedly informed Freiberg and Baldwin that they do not have his permission to continue performing as Jefferson Starship or to sell merchandise using the name, and that they are doing so in violation of the 1985 Agreement.”

The guitarist says the unauthorized use of the band’s name is tarnishing its legacy — and his own.Craig 12string133

“To make matters worse, Defendants have repeatedly and systematically used images of the original Jefferson Starship lineup, which include images of Chaquico, to promote their band and their performances both in concert posters, on their Facebook page and on their website – a blatant attempt to pass off their current band as the original, world-renowned, Jefferson Starship and to trade off of Chaquico’s goodwill,” writes Swift.

The other current band members, Chris Smith, Jude Gold and Catherine Richardson, are also named as defendants in the suit. Chaquico is suing Freiberg and Baldwin for breach of contract, and all of the defendants for claims relating to his right of publicity and unfair business practices. He’s seeking an injunction to stop the band from using the Jefferson Starship name and his likeness, plus actual and punitive damages.

Tom Hill/WireImage
Craig Chaquico
A Statement from Craig to His Facebook Fans: “As the only lead guitar player and founding member/hit songwriter on every Jefferson Starship and Starship song, album, tour and video, after the entire band officially and legally retired the name, ‘Jefferson’ in 1985, I felt that only the original band members should ever use it again as a reunion someday.
I was the first to consider allowing Paul to use ‘Jefferson’ only for his solo projects, that incuded a myriad of different, interchangeable musicians over the years, most of which were never in the original Jefferson Starship. After his death, one of his solo bands is calling itself Jefferson Starship with only one original member, and one of Jefferson Starship’s replacement drummers.They have been misleading the public by using my name and likeness, and original album artwork, on their Website, Facebook page, on tours and merchandise as if they recorded and wrote my hit songs for Jefferson Starship, as well as all of the other songs that I played on that they did not.

As a tribute band, I applaud their efforts, and I am not saying that they should cease performing together, but they have to be honest with the public about what they are and are not, and stop taking credit and profiting from work they did not do, and tarnishing the legacy of those that did. Not only are they breaching the 1985 contract agreement by doing so, but they need to stop using the name as if they are the classic band instead of a tribute band.”

The former lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship is furious at other members for jacking the name and tarnishing the rock band’s legacy … according to a new suit.

Craig Chaquico claims 2 of this former bandmates and several other musicians are using the Jefferson Starship name, without permission, to land gigs and sell merch. Chaquico says the founding JS members all agreed to retire the name in 1985 … and move on simply as Starship.

But according to docs … David Freiberg and Donny Baldwin have assumed the Jefferson Starship name with a ragtag group who have no connection to the OG rockers.

Chaquico says he did give another founding member, Paul Kantner, the right to use the name for shows, and he did while touring with Freiberg and Baldwin. However, Paul died in 2016, and Craig says the right to use JS died with him.

Chaquico wants Freiberg and Baldwin cut off from the name immediately.

FYI, Jefferson Starship — or whatever name they end up with — has concerts next month in Minnesota and California. Who knew??

Classic Rock Here And Now… SAVING ROCK AND ROLL. Monday, September 3, 2012. An Interview with Paul Kantner By Ray Shasho

• The Hook: Why exactly did the name change from Jefferson Airplane to Jefferson Starship?•

• Paul Kantner: Jefferson Airplane broke up, and we didn’t want to carry on with groups of different people using the same name.”•

• The Hook: You were not in the group with Grace Slick that was just called “Starship.” In 2004, Blender magazine rated Starship’s “We Built This City” as “the #1 most awesomely bad song of all time.” How glad are you that you weren’t part of that? •
• Paul Kantner: Well, that’s the reason I left the band in the first place. Usually I’m the last one at the party, but everyone else wanted to go in that more commercial direction. That’s when I said, “If you want to play that, I’m gone.” I really didn’t listen to it, because I was busy putting together a new band.  But it was definitely cringe-worthy.• 
• The Hook: What’s your relationship with Grace Slick like these days? •
• Paul Kantner: Right now she’s suing me for some unknown reason… now she’s suing me for using the name.• 
Published online 8:00am Saturday Jul 7th, 2007
and in print issue #0627 dated Thursday Jul 5th, 2007

 Fans should please BEWARE OF MISLEADING MARKETING AND LICENSING! Beware of any fake bands, any fraudulent misleading marketing or FAKE recordings and false advertising of the original hits being done by lesser cover bands. This confuses the true legacy of the original world-famous Jefferson Starship and Starship with other lesser artists who are using the name, that are clearly trying to recreate the hit-making songs and styles of both the original Jefferson Starship and original Starship during their most relevant, well-known, influential, successful and ONLY true hit-making / touring GLORY YEARS, from 1974 through 1990. (exactly the Craig Chaquico years)

We sincerely apologize to all the fans who may have already been duped by misleading marketing and false advertising thinking they were hearing and buying the actual original hit recordings done by both the original bands during the years from 1974 through 1990, along with all the world-class songwriters, producers, mixers, engineers and real multi-instrumentalists, who actually made all the orignal hit songs. Craig is especially concerned for all the fans of the real recordings as he is the only one key original founding member, hit songwriter, and lead guitarist listed on everything.  Only the actual Jefferson Starship and Starship did ALL the actual hits and tours and only Craig Chaquico played all the actual lead guitar and lead guitar solos on everything. He should know… 

Craig Chaquico STARSHIP w Mickey and Grace
How many hard-drinking lead singers does it take to change…

Red Octopus Back Cover ChaquicoJefferson-Starship-Freedom-at-Point-Zero-Grace1IMG_19272013-09-15 08.33.41

Craig Chaquico What if I told you...

BEWARE! Mickey claimed he knew nothing about any of the confusing, misleading re-recordings either, or how they happened to be re-recorded and then later passed-off again and again for years as the actual Jefferson Starship and Starship.  That is actually what Mickey said after releases were investigated that may include all this bogus material. He said he had no idea or any control over any of this either!  So BUYER BEWARE!  Spread the word!  Perhaps these products are another Chinese, Russian, Egyptian or Cairo hack.


CraigChaquicoRedOctopusLabel1Rolling Stone cover


Jefferson StarshipSpitfireBackCover 

Craig Chaquico and fellow ’90s BAM Awards Winners.


Craig Chaquico- Rolling Stone- Best of 1975Album-DiscBMI Craig Chaquico article1976-12-Chaquico-tie-Guitar-Player-Winner-Best-New-GuitaristJefferson-Starship-1st-Tour2013-09-14 11.08.33Jefferson StarshipRedOctopusLabelJefferson Starship Earth Side AEarth Jefferson Starship LabelJefferson Starship GoldJefferson Starship SpitfireCraig Chaquico is the only one original founding member, and the only lead guitarist and hit songwriter, to appear on every hit recording ever done by the original Jefferson Starship and Starship bands who actually recorded the hits and anthems of the ’70s and ’80s. After Craig left there were no more hits so both world-famous bands officially DISBANDED. The Starship name was officially RETIRED, and in 1985 everybody legally agreed to never use “JEFFERSON” again.

In 1993 Craig was the first one to reconsider to allow only Paul Kantner to use “Jefferson” and only for Paul Kantner’s personal solo projects. Craig Chaquico and Paul KantnerIMG_1657Craig Chaquico Jefferson Starship in RollingstoneOriginal Jefferson Starship 1975Rolling Stone '80IMG_1756

Paul and everybody else had agreed that nobody else could ever use the “Jefferson” name for anything if it didn’t include both Grace and Paul. Craig is only one on all the hitsJefferson Starship introducing Mickey ThomasIMG_2813Then in 2007 Grace Slick sued Paul IMG_1812over the use of the Jefferson name without key band members and with the reduced quality of  the newer musicians performing the original songs.

Years after Starship offically disbanded in 1991, Mickey Thomas’ various solo projects and tribute band lineups also started using “STARSHIP: featuring Mickey Thomas.”
This is obviously confusing the actual legacy of both original bands and all the music that they authored, recorded and performed.  There seems to be more and more of these misleading products that often claim to be done by the original world-famous Jefferson Starship and Starship artists during the Craig Chaquico years. (1974-1990).

Paul Kantner (RIP) was the only one allowed to use the Jefferson name for his own various Paul Kantner post-hits “Jefferson” projects.  Some of those various different line-ups with Paul are below:

Paul Kantner and another Post Jefferson Starship versionPaul Kantner 'Jefferson solo projectsJefferson Starship - Paul Kantner, Jude Gold Jefferson Starship in concert at The Howard Theatre, Washington, D.C., America - 21 Mar 2013 (Rex Features via AP Images)Paul Kantner solo project and another jefferson lineupJefferson Starship 2015IMG_1803IMG_1804Paul Kantner Jefferson solo projectsIMG_1800IMG_5067 2FullSizeRender 231NO PAUL KANTNER (RIP) SIGNATURE1997-Guitar-Player-Readers-Poll-Number-1-Winner

Fans of the original music of Starship note that there is no Grace Slick or Marty Balin in any  current line-ups either. Now touring is only one of the great former singers, with his own various cover-band musicians and singers without any of the other original STARSHIP hit singers or band members, who actually wrote and recorded the hits of the ’70s and the ’80s.  Craig is the only person to actually perform on every original hit ever made by both the JEFFERSON STARSHIP and STARSHIP bands during the ’70s and the ’80s.  Shop & Compare… 

STARSHIP '80s iHeart Party 1.28.17
IMG_1897Note: This current MT version is NOT the actual original rock band from the eighties that recorded several of the decade’s biggest anthems including “We Built This City”, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, and “Sara” who is now on tour. It’s really only one of the STARSHIP singers with a tribute band consisting  of various people who never played on,  or wrote,  any of the original hits.

Introducing Mickey Thomas to Jefferson Starship, Craig saw Mickey in a club and after the forst audition Mickey was set to sing all the next Craig rock guitar hits like Jane, Find Your Way Back, Rock Music, Layin it on the Line
Introducing former Elvin Bishop singer, Mickey Thomas, to the world-famous Jefferson Starship.

FAKE starship adSTARSHIP tribute band/cover band featuring only ONE of the former original STARSHIP lead singers.True fans of the actual original Jefferson Starship and Starship (1974-1990) should please BEWARE of any new fake misleading or “look-alike” advertising. Shop and compare to find the actual original STARSHIP.

The David Band featuring Cathy Richardson?

After brother Paul Kantner’s death in 2016 these performers are still using the “Jefferson Starship” name without him. They still perform, record, and sell Craig’s Jefferson Starship and Starship hits, logos, and merchandise around the world without any accounting to Craig,  yet Craig is the only original founding member,  hit songwriter,  lead guitarist of both the Jefferson Starship and Starship who is actually featured on all the actual hits, records, tours, and videos.
Craig was the last original member to leave after never missing a show, recording session or rehearsal. This is the most recent 2017 version of a “Jefferson Starship” without Paul Kantner (1941-2016) performing Craig’s own hits including Find Your Way Back, Jane, Fast Buck Freddie, and other hits these individuals never played on like Craig did, including Sara, We Built This City, Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now, etc…

2017 JEFFERSON STARSHIP NOTDon and Dave bandIMG_3576 2KATHY RICHARDSON JEFFERSON STARSHIP 20172017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig Chaquico - Laugh while you can2017 Jefferson Starship with Kathy, David and David's son-in-law on keys and bass2017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig Chaquico 1IMG_2108 52017 Jefferson Starship Fast Buck FreddieThis is 2017 Jefferson Starship? Wait... Who?Jefferson Starship 2017?2017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig Chaquico 2JEFFERSON STARSHIP?Don & Dave Band Happy Days!2017 Jefferson Starship? Wait... What...Who???Pasadena Jefferson Starship 2017

Fake Jefferson Starship2017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig Chaquico - be afraidJefferson Starship Find Your Way Back Audience Netwrok2017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig ChaquicoKathy and David band perform Live in front of an original Jefferson Starship backdrop featuring one of Craig’s hit songs, Find Your Way Back.Fake Jefferson StarshipJEFFERSON STARSHIP WITHOUT PAUL KANTNER?IMG_7497 22017 Jefferson Starship without Paul Kantner? R.I.P.

The Mickey Thomas Band featuring Mickey Thomas
Former singer with MT Starship tribute band lineup.
STARSHIP last ORIGINAL  lineup that actually recorded the hits.

10 STarship Knee Deep in the Hoopla

BEWARE misleading band advertisingNot STARSHIP in ConcertAnother FAKE Starship Greatest Hits of the 80s re-recorded by a cover band.FAKE STARSHIP WE BUILT THIS CITYIMG_2505 FAKE STARSHIP HITSFAKE STARSHIP FOREVER GOLDFake Starship Greatest HitsFAKE STARSHIP GREATEST HITSNOT ORIGINAL STARSHIPSTARSHIP FAKEIMG_1758 2FAKE STARSHIP copyAnother fake STARSHIP and Mickey ThomasM

Not any of the Starship
x Maybe more of a MT STARSHIP TRIBUTE BAND with just one of the former original starship singers  now on tour.

IMG_2515IMG_2516IMG_2517IMG_9386 4FAKE BEST OF STARSHIP not original artist!

IMG_3689Starship, Knee Deep in the HooplaIMG_3686 (1)SARA Craig ChaquicoNothing's Gonna Stop Us NowThe actual original band that recorded ALL the original STARSHIP hits.

Jefferson Starship introducing Grace SlickAfter Craig’s guitar-riff heavy “Jane” was Mickey Thomas’ first huge Jefferson Starship hit on the platinum Freedom At Point Zero album,  Jefferson Starship re-introduces GRACE SLICK on the platinum Modern Times album with another huge Craig Chaquico Classic Rock  hit, “Find Your Way Back”, which was Grace’s first recording since the the cancelled show caused a riot in Germany. IMG_1972 3We Buit This City Craig Chaquico

Besides Rolling Stone naming Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen as Artists of the Year in 1975, and Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom” as single of the year, Rolling Stone proclaimed Jefferson Starship’s Red Octopus as an Album of the Year with this comment, “Red Octopus – The return to Jefferson Starship of Marty Balin as songwriter and singer and the emergence of guitarist Craig Chaquico resulted in the finest San Francisco music since the heyday of the Haight”

Jefferson StarshipIMG_4418

Rolling Stone coverSpitfireBackCoverIMG_1807Jefferson Starship BAM 70sIMG_101380s Starship Europe cover WeBuiltThisCityPass 2379 Elvin-Starship-1

Chaquico, Kantner, Slick, Barbata, Sears (Freiberg off stage)
Kantner, Slick, Balin, Freiberg, Barbata,Sears, Chaquico

5-Jefferson-Starship-70s-Craig-ChaquicoIMG_1973 3Original Jefferso Starship Marty eyes a German beerOriginal Jefferson Starship Marty spills German beer

Paul Kantner (RIP) and his very last JEFFERSON solo project
The Don and Dave Band featuring Kathy RichardsonTA-DAH! Jefferson Starship 2017

Don and Dave band

2017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig Chaquico -David and Chris
2017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig Chaquico 4David’s band perform Live under the original Jefferson Starship EARTH backdrop

2017 Jefferson Starship without Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, or the only original founding member and hit songwriter:lead guitarist on everything, Craig Chaquico - Donald and Dave Band

(T) Grace, Marty, Paul (RIP), Chaquico, Sears (B) Barbata, Freiberg

“Hey China, what if I were to tell you that someday…” – craig

1995-Chaquico-Bay-Area-Music-Awards-WinnerSAN FRANCISCO MUSIC WALK OF FAME CRAIG CHAQUICOsmCraig Chaquico BiographyOriginal Jefferson Starship first Tour and albumSan Francisco Music Walk of FameNew York Times '75IMG_1770IMG_1793Straight Out Of SacramentoJefferson Starship Craig only one on every hitModern Recording cover '70sjeffersonStarship2014-03-25-00.26.341IMG_1598IMG_3002IMG_1901FullSizeRender 176STARSHIPIMG_3696IMG_3338get-attachment.aspx

Craig Chaquico Spotlight HerosIMG_4571Nov 1975Jefferson StarshipJefferson Starship Guitarist Craig ChaquicoCraig Chaquico Golden Gate ParkIMG_4058Starwars Holiday Special Addcraig signing JSIMG_1412IMG_4354Song Hits cover '83aGrace Slick Craig ChaquicoCraig Chaquico Capt EO7IMG_370212 Jefferson-Starship-Greatest-Video-HitsIMG_3319OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACraig-Chaquico-Jefferson-Starship-Starship-YearsaaGOLDJefferson Starship Greatest HiysJS-Review-Selvin-741993-Billboard-Acoustic-Highway-Number-1-indie-album-of-the-year1994-11-12-Billboard-Number-1-Acoustic-Planet-ChaquicoJuke box CRAIG CHAQUICO 3Juke Box CRAIG CHAQUICO 2Juke box CRAIG CHAQUICO 1IMG_0178

Grace Slick, lead singer of rock groups "Jefferson Airplane," "Jefferson Starship," and "Starship," poses with her daughter China Kantner (L) after Slick's induction into Hollywood's Rock Walk, October 22, 2002 in Hollywood. Slick, best known for her song "White Rabbit," was one of the first female rock stars in the 1960's and 1970's and currently devotes her time to painting. REUTERS/Fred Prouser FSP/HB
Prouser Grace Slick, lead singer of rock groups “Jefferson Airplane,”
“Jefferson Starship,” and “Starship,” poses with her daughter China
Kantner (L) after Slick’s induction into Hollywood’s Rock Walk, October
22, 2002 in Hollywood. Slick, best known for her song “White Rabbit,”
was one of the first female rock stars in the 1960’s and 1970’s and
currently devotes her time to painting. REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Starwars Holiday Special Jefferson Starship
Light the Sky on Fire
“Welcome to the 60s” -Grace Slick

         “Welcome to the 60s” – Grace Slick. In a galaxy a long tome ago and far far away..

(photo is a screenshot from 1984’s “Super Night of Rock ‘n’ Roll”)

CRAIG’S TRIBUTE TO CHUCK BERRY: “It was an honor to share the stage and the universe with Chuck Berry. (RIP) He made the world of rock ‘n’ roll what it is today and beyond. The NASA Voyager Interstellar Mission included a disc of music from Earth of which ‘Johnny B. Goode’ was Chuck Berry’s own musical greetings-and-salutations to other-worlders. As that cosmic message in a bottle continues on its journey now beyond our solar system toward galaxies far far away, maybe aliens will someday hear all that Earth music, art and information and trace it back to our third stone from the sun. No one is more surprised than I to also have one of my own songs ‘Just One World’ launched into space as part of the Space Arc Project which also included music from Earth. That communications satellite is in a permanent geosynchronous orbit right here for millions of years. So maybe someday the same ET’s who hear Chuck’s music on Voyager could trace it back to Earth and maybe they will hear my music on the orbiting Space Arc Project satellite along with all the other music, art and information from Earth. I can almost hear them making communications with our species from light-years away and saying, “…please send more Chuck Berry.”
It’s hard not to hear the “Chuck sound” in every rock ‘n’ roll guitar player, but the “chuck” sound is even in my own last name. — Craig Cha-KEE-so

06.24.2017 – – CRAIG CHAQUICO with Special Guests, John Barbata and Pete Sears: Founding Members of Original Jefferson Starship

In 1973, Jefferson Starship recorded their first album, Dragon Fly,    which hit gold within 6 months, followed by the best-selling album of their career, Red Octopus, and then the platinum-selling albums Spitfire and Earth. Chaquico, who was just a teenager in 1973, became a central figure in the band, playing lead guitar on all of Jefferson Starship and Starship’s hits from 1973 to 1990 including “Miracles,” “We Built This City,” “Sara” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” and developing into one of their main songwriters. At the time, Rolling Stone magazine remarked that “the emergence of guitarist Craig Chaquico [has] resulted in the finest music since the heyday of the Haight.” Craig wrote or cowrote some of the bands’ most memorable songs such as “Find Your Way Back,” “Jane,” “Layin’ it on the Line,” and “Fast Buck Freddie.”Rolling Stone Best Of 1975 proclaimed Jefferson Starship's Red Octupus as an Album of the Year - The return to Jefferson Starship of Marty Balin as songwriter and singer and the emergence of guitarist Craig Chaquico resulted in the finest San Francisco music since the heyday of the Haight

After finding himself at the top of the national charts in each of three consecutive decades, Craig left the fast-paced pop world of arena rock and reinvented himself as a top-selling contemporary jazz guitarist. In 1993, he released his first solo album of contemporary instrumental music, Acoustic Highway, which hit #1 on the Billboard charts and was named by that publication as the “Independent New Age Album of the Year.”His next album, Acoustic Planet, was #1 on the Billboard charts and nominated for a Grammy award. In addition, he earned a spot on Jazziz Magazine‘s list of Top 100 Most Influential Jazz Guitarists of All Time. Craig has been on the top of the charts now for over 40 years, with the most recent release of his first blues album, Fire Red Moon, which debuted at #15 on Billboard’s National Blues Chart.

Tonight, Craig and his band will open the show with top hits from his contemporary jazz era such as “Cafe Carnival,” “Acoustic Highway,” and “Return of the Eagle.”

And then during the second set…for the first time since 1978, Craig will reunite with his fellow original founding members of Jefferson Starship, songwriter, bass and keyboard master, Pete Sears and the band’s original drummer, Johny Barbata (also of Jefferson Airplane, the Turtles and Crosby, Stills and Nash). This will be the first time this dynamic trio has played together since an audience riot erupted in Lorelei, Germany,  during a European Tour of the band when Grace Slick was too ill to perform and the show was cancelled! You will be a witness to this historic reunion and the decades of combined musicianship that these brilliant artists have to offer both individually and collectively. They will be supported on vocals by powerfully talented, national touring artists, Jesse Bradman and Joan Burton.

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or go to: http://fenixlive.com/show/13257/


              Bammie Winner, Acoustic Highway - Craig Chaquico Starship 1974 - Acoustic Planet 1995        




For Jefferson Starship guitarist and original founding member Craig Chaquico, “Find Your Way Back” Jefferson-Starship-Freedom-at-Point-Zero-Grace1has a whole new meaning some 35 years after writing, and performing on, the Billboard Top Ten single from the band’s 1981 album, Modern Times.

It was a year ago this month that Craig informed his worldwide fans about his quest to retrieve his beloved 1959 Les Paul Sunburst guitar (9-2180) IMG_1055that was thought to have been destroyed during a summer of ’78 fiery riot in Lorelei, Germany,Craig Chaquico Winds Of Change right after it was announced that Jefferson Starship wouldn’t be taking the stage that day as a result of legendary singer Grace Slick not feeling well.

Fearing for their safety, the band members that were on site — Craig, David Frieberg, and John Barbata — quickly evacuated the area. Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin and Pete Sears were still at the hotel. 2014-12-12 17.28.55Devout fans of the band know that their next show in Hamburg together would mark the last for this original line-up.

jeffersonStarship2014-03-25 00.26.34

Members of Jefferson Starship stay in a disguised equipment truck before a secret, illegal concert given by the group in Golden Gate Park's Marx Meadows.
Members of Jefferson Starship stay in a disguised equipment truck before a secret, illegal concert given by the group in Golden Gate Park’s Marx Meadows.

Almost all of the bands’ instruments and gear went missing during this riot, including Craig’s rare 1957 Les Paul Gold TopJefferson Starship 76 IMG_0063  '70s IMG_4571 (still missing – Serial No. 7 8793 – played on the first two Jefferson Starship hit albums, Dragon Fly (1974)Original Jefferson Starship first Tour and album and Red Octopus (1975)),CraigChaquicoRedOctopusLabelIMG_2030 and this recently discovered ’59 Sunburst guitar that was near-and-dear to Craig’s heart, as he used it on the platinum-selling Jefferson Starship albums, Spitfire (1976) JJefferson Starship, Spitfireand Earth (1978), craig signing JSJefferson Starship, Earthand can be heard on such classic hits as “With Your Love,” “Count on Me” and “Runaway” among others. Of course, it’s this rock and roll history that has added extreme value to the guitar. 

Part of the successful identification process which, without the serial number, included Craig going through thousands of high-resolution photos in the vast archives of Roger Ressmeyer who was a key band photographer throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, including for both the Spitfire and Earth albums.

SpitfireBackCoverIMG_2783In what could be called “a feel good story,” the ’59 Sunburst has finally found its way back.

“Miracles” happen.2013-09-14 11.08.33Modern Recording cover '70s

Three years after he was tipped off that the guitar might still be in existence, Craig’s difficult quest to get it back has ended after a meeting of the musical minds between Craig and the instrument’s current owner, a guitar aficionado, himself.

After more than a year of back-and-forth’s in the legal system, the two musicians sat down and talked about the history of the guitar (now known affectionately as “Lorelei”) and what it meant to each of them. And it was this discussion that led to a confidential settlement agreement and resolution between the parties…

Seacliff-band-rehearsals-San-Francisco-19771“Seeing the guitar for the first time after so many years brought back so many memories for me,” states Chaquico. IMG_1931“One of my dreams from the outset was simply to perform or record with it again… and it looks like that dream just might come true.”IMG_1973 3Starship 1974 - Acoustic Planet 1995

In a gesture of good will from one musician to another, the current owner of the ’59 Sunburst (who has now owned the instrument for almost a dozen years) would like Craig to continue making great music and providing further heritage to the instrument that already has an illustrious past thanks to Craig. Earth Jefferson Starship LabelThis guitar went everywhere with him Jefferson Starship Earth Side Abeginning in the mid-70’s until it vanished at the riot.Jefferson Starship Spitfire

“I’m thoroughly excited about hitting the stage with it again sometime this get-attachment.aspxIMG_4058IMG_2840year,” says Craig. “It’ll be a magical moment for me and I’m sure I’ll feel ORIGINALjeffersonSTARSHIP1975like a ‘kid’ in the mid-70’s all over again. ‘Lorelei’ truly is one of my favorite guitars of all-time.”

“What was most pleasing for me was seeing Craig and the current owner, both lovers of music and guitars, sit down for a day and talk amongst themselves to develop a trust,” says attorney Peter Koenig who represented Craig in his pursuit of the guitar. “While us lawyers discussed esoteric legal points as to
who, rightfully, would keep the guitar, Craig opened a dialogue with the current owner that ultimately allowed for both of them to share their feelings and realize their dream outcome. I look forward to the music Craig makes on ‘9-2180’.”

The value of the guitar can only increase over time if it remains in its impeccable condition.IMG_1056IMG_1055IMG_1054Craigs '79 burst

According to a Guitar Player magazine article in April 2016, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett purchased a 1959 Les Paul Standard that was previously owned by Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green and guitar great Gary Moore for a reported $2 million.BAM MAGAIZINE CRAIG CHAQUICO & OTHERS

Craig looks forward to great things ahead, commenting, “What I’d really like to see is a reunion of Jefferson Starship original members 5-Jefferson-Starship-70s-Craig-Chaquicowho lost their instruments that day come together and perform with them again. Pete Sears got his bass back in 2013 and John Barbata got his cymbals back shortly after the riot.”

As the popular Jefferson Starship song, “Rock Music,” says, “Rock ‘n’ Roll is good time music… listen to it!”

And to quote yet another one of their hits, “Freedom at Point Zero,” ” ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll isn’t over!

If you’d like to interview Craig regarding the history of the guitar and his quest or need additional press materials, please contact Jeff Albright / The Albright Entertainment Group at rockstarpr@aol.com. We have a great selection of photos available!Albright Entertainment Group

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For more detailed information on the riot, itself, please see – http://starship.lu/E78/E78.html


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craig-chaquico-happy-new-year-2017 01.01.17  “From the State of Jefferson to star-spangled stages, my own band in lights, the 2016 concerts a warm afterglow following the mid-fall and early-winter twilights last gleaming, to the intimate bedsides of children still inside hospitals…

From the ancient, prehistoric, million-year-old catherdral-like Ghost Cave surrounded by it’s very own labyrinth of  eternally nocturnal marble halls and subterranean octopus-like cave tentacles made of Jurassic rock that create silent natural echo-chambers forever at the Oregon Caves National Monument hundreds of feet below and within the chill heart of the sacred mountain itself, on the actual date of the  100th Anniversary of America’s world-famous National Park System.

…to an anonymous gentleman’s surprise birthday party outdoors which included his very own exclusive private concert for family and friends alongside a spectacular spa/poolside fireplace, open bar, BBQ munchies galore and panoramic views of crystal-clear titanium-white snow-capped peaks, hazy cowboy maitinee movie mesas and tablerocks on the horizon, a majestic redtail hawk balancing in mid-air above the long shadows of the late afternoon trees whispering delicious secrets to the warm native breeze that inspires even more Live music upon these winds of change as the luxuriantly forested greens and emeralds of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountains gently cradle the lush Rogue River valley whos distant white Aspen trees shimmer in the atumn sunlight from a western sky so deep and blue and infinite it can make your heart ache —  if not actually stop all together for a beat or two…

From the grass on the 50-yard line again at the iconic Oakland Coliseum playing solo guitar Live before an exciting Oakland Raiders game for another thunderous 75,000 rockin’ NFL fans in the spectacular Black Hole, to the sandy oasis of Rancho Mirage, Thunder Valley, Mt. Shasta, Lassen, Crater Lake, the Redwoods, Tahoe and more with my own band…From Paul Kantner’s passing and now only playing my guitar again with Paul on the other side of the Milky Way, to fighting in court for another year to get my own stolen priceless original 1959 Gibson Sunburst Les Paul back from the dark side, that I recorded perhaps a few of the biggest hits and anthems of the 70’s with the original Jefferson Starship on, before the subssequent original Starship band rocked from those ashes again with two of my newest songs, Jane and Find Your Way Back that also introduced a brand new singer and style — one of the very same guitars that was thought destroyed during the last tour of the original 1978 multi-platinum Jefferson Starship line-up in Loreley, Germany — ‘attack ships on fire sparkling and glittering off the shoulders of Orion.’


 The things I’ve seen with your smiles. It’s been an incredibly moving and rewarding 365 day lap around the sun.  I say goodbye to 2016 with much joy and fondness…I do not wish to shut the door on it…but hope for an even better shining galaxy of promises and dreams still to come true for everybody as this brand new 2017  dawns on all of us!  As in Music – So in Life. May our paths cross again soon this new year somewhere along the Acoustic Highway, the Acoustic Planets, and  more than Once in a Blue Universe may happiness be yours forever and ever to the Fire Red Moons and back. Happy New Year everybody!  Happy New Day all year long!” — Craig

04.30.16  SAN FRANCISCO MUSIC WALK OF FAME NEWS!  Craig’s Bay Area music history has been honored with a brick on the San Francisco Music Walk of Fame!

SAN FRANCISCO MUSIC WALK OF FAME CRAIG CHAQUICOsmInstalled in the sidewalk in front of Music City SF at 1353 Bush Street, over 330 intricately connected, engraved bricks, embedded in the sidewalk of the Music City SF building, honors local legends, including many who may never have received national recognition, for their place in the rich, diverse and innovative musical and cultural movements of the San Francisco Scene. The SFMWOF bricks were officially unveiled on Saturday, April 30th. at 6pm PST! 
“Thank you to everybody in the Bay Area who helped make all this happen and thought to include me plus two of myBay Area bands, the original Jefferson Starship and original Starship. I’m so honored now so many decades after I literally ‘hit the San Francisco bricks’ as a teen with my Sacramento band’s press photo, and reel-to-reel demo-tape of our Jack Traylor & Steelwind album in hand, to try and get Live gigs in SF. Not long after trucking to Altamonte, and being a roadie for Jimi in Sacramento for a day, who woulda thunkit? Jefferson Starship and Starship plus my own Bay Area inspired instrumental music. I’m still one of the lucky ones just to even be able to grow up near the same area code as all these folks.” – Craig  http://fame.musiccitysf.org/

San Francisco Music Walk of Fame Craig Chaquico Golden Gate 90s IMG_2798


Craig Chaquico 1959 Gibson Sunburst Les Paul


It was the summer of 1978 in Lorelei, Germany when all hell broke loose after it was announced that Jefferson Starship would not be taking the stage after all, as a result of legendary singer Grace Slick not feeling well enough to perform.

This wasn’t the first time a band had canceled a show at the Lorelei Amphitheater and, as a result, a riot ensued shortly after the Jefferson Starship cancellation announcement. 

Bottles and rocks were thrown at the stage and the band, fearing for their safety, quickly evacuated the area. By morning, the stage had been burned to the ground with many prized instruments lost, stolen or destroyed. All the members were devastated by the incident, including lead guitarist and hit songwriter Craig Chaquico, who returned the following morning to view the destruction. The only piece of equipment that he would recognize would be the charred metal corners of his Fender Bassman amplifiers.

All was lost… or, at least, that’s what Craig thought until some thirty-six years later when his beloved 1959 Les Paul Standard Sunburst guitar was discovered in the hands of a collector.

This is the story of what Craig has had to endure to get his guitar back…

Like all the other band members who lost their equipment, there was no indication that anything had survived the riot so there was nothing to do but to move on, only sadness and nostalgia when the songs were heard on the radio through the decades. All hope was lost until 2013 when Jefferson Starship bassist Pete Sears was reunited with one of his prized bass guitars, inspiring Craig to begin a personal search for his own guitars.

“This distinctive-sounding Les Paul was my voice on so many guitar solos, and I hope it finds its way back home soon,” states Craig, who purchased the guitar from Norman’s Rare Guitars in the mid-70s. “This quest isn’t only for me, but for all the musicians who have ever had their instruments lost or stolen over the years, then eventually found, that just want to get their babies back. For me, there’s a sentimental value involved and I’m still the rightful owner of this Sunburst.”

Craig used this particular guitar on both the 1976 Jefferson Starship album, Spitfire, as well as the following release, Earth, that came out in 1978. Hit songs you can hear the ’59 Sunburst on include “With Your Love,” “Count on Me” and “Runaway” among others.

And then it was gone…

After the riot on June 17, 1978, Jefferson Starship would immediately continue on their European tour, having to purchase, rent or borrow replacement equipment. Their next show in Hamburg, Germany would mark the last time that the original line-up of Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Craig Chaquico, David Frieberg, Pete Sears and John Barbata would ever perform together.

 In the spring of 2014, out of the blue, Craig was contacted by a fan from Vermont who thought he might have a guitar that Craig used in the Star Wars Christmas Special that featured Jefferson Starship performing a song penned by Craig called, “Light the Sky on Fire.” After conducting extensive research about that particular guitar, the fan uncovered the serial numbers of the instruments used on the 1978 European Tour and informed him of the serial number of his thought-to-be-destroyed 1959 Les Paul Sunburst, along with those of the rest of the instruments that were thought to have been destroyed that day. He went on to tell Craig that he’d seen someone in Southern California chat on a blog about the Sunburst.

Extremely grateful for this information, Craig told the fan he could keep the Boogie Body, and quickly hired an attorney to find out the identity of the person on the blog. With the assistance of a private investigator, the attorney found the collector who had purchased the guitar from a dealer for an alleged $170,000 in February 2005.

 With the help of his attorney, Craig was able to contact the collector and inform him that the guitar was stolen from him after the Lorelei riot in 1978. The initial response was one of condolence, with the owner expressing a desire to return the guitar to Craig if there was a way to recover his own initial investment. Craig suggested that they turn to the dealer who sold him the guitar and/or the dealer’s insurance company and offered to help with these efforts to ultimately get his guitar back. Unfortunately, after further thought, the collector, perhaps realizing the now-increased value of the guitar, decided to engage his own attorney, reconsidering the return of the guitar to Craig.

As the saying goes, “nothing’s easy,” and Craig decided at that point to let the legal process take its course… Backed by numerous photos taken by Jefferson Starship’s official photographer, Roger Ressmeyer, in the mid-70s, Craig was easily able to see that this was, indeed, “the guitar.”

 After a meeting to view the guitar that included Craig, his attorney and Norman Harris (who sold Craig the guitar) along with the collector, his attorney and the attorney for the insurance company that represented the known guitar expert and national dealer who sold the guitar, it was determined by the attorneys for all parties that mediation might be the way to solve the issue. Unfortunately, that effort also proved to be fruitless and the matter continues to move through the courts, costing Craig tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours.

 Craig, now represented by Peter Koenig of the San Francisco law firm, Walker, Hamilton & Koenig LLC, will have what is expected to be his final deposition in February. A trial to determine ownership is scheduled to commence on June 13 in San Francisco federal court.

 “So far, no one seems to question that it is the same Sunburst,” states attorney Peter Koenig. “They seem to be arguing that Craig waited too long to search for the guitar so he’s lost his right to have it back. We shall see.”

Craig, as a member of Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1990, was the only member of the band to appear in every recording, album, tour and music video over the course of the band’s tenure in the rock and roll scene.

 Last year marked the 40thAnniversary of one of Jefferson Starship’s greatest albums, Red Octopus, and Craig was able to extensively reflect upon the Billboard chart-topping release in the September issue of Guitar Player magazine.

In addition to Craig’s efforts to recover his guitar, his plans for 2016 include touring throughout the world with a unique crowd-pleasing show where he performs the Jefferson Starship and Starship songs he helped make famous in addition to a selection of songs from his dozen solo efforts released over the past twenty-three years.

 His first solo album in 1993, Acoustic Highway, helped create a genre of music and was Billboard’s #1 Independent New Age Album of the Year. His follow-up album, Acoustic Planet, garnered him a Grammy nomination in the category of Best New Age Album and also went to #1 on the Billboard charts.

 From rock and roll and the blues to contemporary jazz and new age, Craig has had over forty years of success in a variety of genres.

Now that Craig has found his 1959 Sunburst, he’d like to find his 1957 Gold Top (Serial #7 8793 – only seventeen are known to exist of this particular model) played on the first two Jefferson Starship hit albums, Dragonfly and Red Octopus, that was also lost on that night in ’78. Yet another prized guitar played in major performances and on many hit recordings such as “Miracles,” “Play on Love” and “Ride the Tiger.”

“I would love to see the day where Pete and I perform on the same stage with our newly-discovered instruments,” comments Craig. “This would truly be another rock and roll dream come true.”

Time will tell. Stay tuned.

Craig Chaquico Sunburst Les Paul in Studio oridinal hit maling Jefferson Starship

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 Craig Chaquico performance video can be viewed at the following links:

The Hits –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWP6xtx_MLk

The Blues –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lT7NRGIArw

Jazz –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g9BugzdBww

 Craig Chaquico Social Media:

Website – www.craigchaquico.com

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Dara Crockett for Pilot Rock Management –dara@pilotrockmgmt.com

Photo Credit for both photos: Roger Ressmeyer / Corbis

Top photo: Craig with 1959 Les Paul Sunburst

Bottom photo: Craig with 1959 Les Paul Sunburst in recording studio with Jefferson Starship


Craig Chaquico Les Paul

WANTED! Craig’s ’57 Les Paul Goldtop (small “BB hole” in top) Serial # 7 8793 Last seen at concert in Lorelei, Germany, in 1978. This particular guitar was used to write, record, and perform songs from the first two Jefferson Starship hit albums, Dragonfly and Red Octopus. It’s greatly missed by Craig. Please Share.

RADIO INTERVIEW ALERT!: Thank you to Bo and Jim at Lone Star 92.5 KZPS-FM for a terrific Texas interview!



Craig Chaquico and Paul Kantner Golden Gate ParkGrace Slick, Craig Chaquico, Paul Kantner

“Heaven now has a new Jefferson star in the sky, and I think I will go outside and play guitar under the Milky Way with Paul tonight” 
Craig Chaquico and Paul Kantner CRAIG CHAQUICO Rolling Stone cover

Riffing and Waxing Pauletically…by Craig Chaquico

Paul was either a really fun, if not slightly outlaw-ish older brother, or a really young cool stepdad.

There’s another Jefferson star in Heaven and another member of one hell of a band up there.

I’m thinking much about Paul’s lyrics and songwriting that I played on tour with him where he had titles like, “All Fly Away,” “I Want to See Another World,” “Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?” “St Charles,”… With such a celestial alignment of the planets at dawn now, it makes me want to go out and play my guitar under the Milky Way with Paul tonight.

He picked a cosmic time to “All Fly Away.” He definitely will “See Another World,” “…and don’t be late,” like Jimi said. He “will see the stars tonight,” and he can ask “Saint Charles” himself since we never heard anything back from Alice that I’m aware of? I can’t remember? Craig Chaquico Jefferson Starship in Rollingstone

Memories of Paul? The first record I ever played on, the first time I ever had sushi, the first time I ever saw a Bruce Lee movie, the first time I ever took martial arts, the first time I went on tour, the first time I went overseas, the first time I took a legal drink on my 21st birthday when the band threw a party across from Golden Gate Park, and a girl jumped out of a cake, the first time I rode in a Porsche, the first time I played at Winterland and Radio City Music Hall, the first time I played in front of 100,000 people, the first time I played with the Grateful Dead, The first time I saw Bladerunner on the road. All the first time memories with Paul, and the original Jefferson Starship, that never all played together again since the riot in 1978. They say you always remember the first time? Well all the memories “glitter and sparkle like attack ships on fire off the shoulders of Orion.”

jeffersonStarship2014-03-25-00.26.341Paul let me borrow an exquisite, pristine, white Stratocaster with a maple neck when I was still in high school in Sacramento, and I was the only kid with a guitar case in his bedroom that had Jefferson Airplane stenciled on it, and it was authentic. The first time I was in a Star Wars Holiday Christmas Special, the first time I survived a full-on riot in Germany, the first time I was ever on a private jet, the first time I met Cheech and Chong, the first time I met Robin Williams, the first time I met Grace freaking Slick! That reminds me, it was also the first time I… Wait, let me check the statute of limitations.

The first gold album, the first platinum album, the first number one singles and albums, the first time I met Bill Graham, The first time I was on MTV, the first time I met Paul McCartney, the first time I met Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Jorma and Jack, The Pointer Sisters, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Marlon Brando, Tower of Power, The Doobie Brothers, Sammy Hagar, Jane Fonda, Abby Hoffman, Ted Kennedy, Father Guido Sarduchi, Geraldo Rivera…Paul was there, and the list goes on.

I learned how to be Paul-etically incorrect, which is to say I got to see the hippie ethic done with some style and class and a consciousness and with some integrity and caring. It was like being welcomed into a family, and now one of us has passed to join the ones that came before us, on the other side of the campfire, on the other side of the Milky Way.

Paul was with me after Red Octopus went to #1 4x one summer when I bought a brand-new Porsche off the showroom floor on Van Ness in San Francisco, and I wrote a check for the full amount. Kind of a Grace Slick thing. That was the only thing I owned, a Porsche and a bunch of guitars and amps.

Paul was there for everything Number One. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when Paul and Grace first invited me to form the original Jefferson Starship with them along with Pete Sears in 1973 as a teenager.

Plus everybody’s name was so Biblical in that band. Think about it. Paul. Marty. David. Peter. John. And of course the Grace of… Didn’t she name her kid God?

Paul is dead. Who IS the walrus? coo coo ca choo. I guess we’ll have to go ask Alice now? I think she’ll know?


LATIN JAZZ FESTaCraig headlined the 75th Anniversary Casselberry Latin Jazz Festival with his own Billboard #1, Grammy-nominated, million-selling hit smooth jazz songs like Cafe Carnival, Luminosa, Gathering of the Tribes, Lights Out San Francisco, Native Tongue, Return of the Eagle, Acoustic Highway, Sacred Ground, etc., as well as his own “iconic hits and anthems” from the original Jefferson Starship and Starship

IMG_4979multi-platinum albums that Craig recorded during both the ’70s and ’80s like Jane, Miracles, Fast Buck Freddie, Find Your Way Back, Rock Music, Stranger, Sara, We Built This City, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, etc., along with some favorite songs from Craig’s 1st blues CD, Fire Red Moon, like Crossroads and always a new version of Voodoo Child.

With a spectacular international superstar band on stage comprised of Jim Reitzel on Bass, Ron Reinhardt on Keys, Dave Reinhardt on Drums, Mike “The General” MacArthur on Sax, and the legendary Teri Cote on both Lead Vocals and Latin Percussion, Craig and his “Florida Band” performed Live beneath a full supermoon floating above the lake behind the stage in front of thousands of Florida Latin Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Classic Rock music fans. Plus it was Craig’s 61st birthday with a cake and a Harley birthday ride thrown in to boot!

Craig Chaquico Mike Mac Arthur Latin Jazz    Craig Chaquico Latin Jazz Fest sept 26    craig plays Latin Jazz Fest with Teri Cote    Craig Chaquico plays Latin Jazz Fest Sept 2015    Craig Chaquico and Teri Cote    Teri Cote and Craig Chaquico    Craig Chaquico 61st birthday    Craig Chaquico 61 birthday ride Latin Jazz Fest

IMG_4993 FullSizeRender 119 Craig ChaquicoTeri Cote
Craig Chaquico Plays Casselberry Latin Jazz Fest

The Mayor of Casselberry, Charlene Glancy, introduced Craig on stage to thousands of Latin Jazz and Classic Rock fans as well as during the city’s own media press conference. Latin-inspired arts, music and culture were all enjoyed and tasted in the most perfect Florida outdoor setting for this Portuguese guitarist and his own Latin inspired award-winning passionate musica!

Casselberry Latin Jazz FestCasselberry Mayor Charlene Glancy and Craig Chaquico at press conference for Latin Jazz FestCraig Chaquico and Charlene Glancy, Mayor of CasselberryCasselberry Latin Jazz Fest MuralIMG_5008Ron ReinhardtIMG_5023Craig Chaquico and Teri Cote

Casselberry Latin Jazz Fest Crowd Craig Chaquico Headlining Sept 2015

FullSizeRender 123

IMG_4981“We only play the places that we LOVE to play and that are fun experiences for people to attend.” – Craig



Latin Jazz Fest Orlando SentinelChaquico celebrará su cumpleaños en concierto en Casselberry

Craig Chaquico en concierto el 26 de septiembre en Casselberry en aniversario de El Sentinel

Para el guitarrista californiano Craig Chaquico, los años 60 reviven al cumplir los 61 años, fecha que justamente celebrará sobre la tarima del concierto con que El Sentinel festeja su aniversario número 14 el 26 de septiembre en Casselberry.

El músico de origen portugués, conocido como una estrella del rock de los años 70 y 80 cuando era parte de los grupos Jefferson Starship y Starship, y luego como solista de jazz y “new age music”, dice que la celebración lo llevará de vuelta a sus orígenes musicales.

“Mi cumpleaños 61 será un saludo a mi herencia musical que comenzó en los sesenta y ahora regresa en mis sesenta”, dijo Chaquico a El Sentinel en conversación telefónica desde Oregon, en la costa oeste del país.

Entre esas influencias cita la música latinoamericana, y los fados que escuchaban sus padres, un género de canciones de amor típico de Portugal, que se caracteriza por su melancolía, la destreza vocal de sus intérpretes y sus conmovedoras líneas melodiosas.

“Mis influencias musicales comenzaron cuando yo era niño”, recuerda el músico, quien creció en Sacramento. “Entre la música latina y la americana. Mi madre y mi padre son portugueses y mi familia escuchaba fados, que entiendo los escribían las mujeres portuguesas que quedaban esperando cuando sus esposos se hacían a la mar en largas travesías. Entonces son canciones de emoción de estas mujeres y la aventura de sus hombres. Son sentimientos que todos tenemos en común independientemente del idioma que hablemos, todos escuchamos música porque es el lenguaje universal”, dijo.

Pero en su hogar la música también incluía las influencias con las que habían crecido sus padres: las composiciones de George Gershwin, canciones de los años 30 y 40 y luego el blues, que “fue creado en Estados Unidos pero viajó a Europa desde donde regresó y fue reinterpretado por Carlos Santana, los Rolling Stones o Jimmy Hendrix”, explicó Chaquico.Latin Jazz Festival

Es quizás por ello que el guitarrista se adapta a la diversidad: su música, de la que ha vendido millones de discos, recorre festivales de jazz en todo el país, transita por las carreteras de Estados Unidos como parte de Road Songs, una compilación hecha por la compañía de motocicletas Harley-Davidson y ha llegado nada menos que hasta el espacio, como parte del Ark Project de la NASA, de modo que hoy los acordes de su canción Just One World se encuentran orbitando el planeta Tierra.

Desde los 16 años comenzó a tocar profesionalmente con figuras como Carlos Santana , hasta que fue llamado para integrar un grupo de rock que hizo historia Jefferson Starship y luego Starship, una reedición del primero, con los que cosechó más de 20 discos de oro y platino.

Luego de recorrer dos décadas con la energía desbocada del rock, Chaquico decidió, ante la llegada de su primer hijo en 1990 y la disolución de la banda donde tocaba, cambiar la guitarra eléctrica por la acústica, un cambio que lo llevaría a ser nominado al Grammy con su disco Acoustic Planet (1994).

Desde entonces ha vendido más de un millón de discos, de los que suma una decena, con su música de solista.

Y es que el guitarrista ha sabido adaptarse a los cambios durante su vida sin renunciar a su instrumento, que recibió a los 10 años como regalo de su madre, quien al igual que su padre tocaba diferentes instrumentos musicales muchas veces después de cenar, como complemento de la rutina hogareña, según ha contado en publicaciones.

Latin Jazz Fest

De esa época nace su afición por las causas benéficas que lo han llevado a recaudar fondos en sus conciertos para la American Music Therapy Association y a formar parte de organizaciones caritativas como Bikers for Charity, un esfuerzo liderado por Harley Davidson’s en apoyo a la Muscular Dystrophy Association.

No es la primera vez que Chaquico viene a tocar a nuestra área, pues además de haberse presentado en el parque Epcot, House of Blues y otros lugares en sus tiemposLatin Jazz Fest con las bandas de rock, fue en Florida donde algunas de sus composiciones fueron lanzadas al éxito. “Toqué para la emisora de jazz WLOQ, y esa fue una de las primeras estaciones que
tocó mi música para guitarra”, recordó el intérprete. “Siempre he pensado que Florida y la WLOQ tuvieron mucho que ver con darme a conocer como solista, por eso me encanta venir a Florida”.

Entre las canciones que interpretará en su concierto en Casselberry, el artista cita, además de varios números de su época con Jefferson Starship y Starship, canciones de gran influencia latina de su repertorio.“Mi canción Café carnaval,


que estuvo en el primer lugar en la radio, un poco que desafía la lógica, pues lleva guitarra eléctrica, y se piensa que el jazz no puede tocarse con guitarra eléctrica, pero yo le puse una”, explica como si se tratara de una travesura. “Esa canción tiene una instrumentación muy latina”.

También su pieza Luminosa, de la que afirma inventó la palabra para referirse “a la luz que brilla en todos nosotros. Algunos tienen esa luz más fuerte, nosotros iluminamos a los demás y los demás nos iluminan a nosotros, a veces sin siquiera darse cuenta”.


Otra de sus piezas con sonoridad latina es Forbiden Love, inspirada en una anécdota personal.

“Yo estaba tocando en un país donde no se hablaba inglés y me encontraba lejos en el Día de San Valentín”, relata el guitarrista. “No estaba tan triste como aquellos que compusieron los fados”, aclara riendo. “Pero echaba de menos a mi esposa. Entonces le compré una tarjeta muy bonita que tenía un corazón, pero estaba escrita en español. Pensé que a veces mi esposa y yo no entendíamos lo que decíamos, aunque los dos habláramos inglés, pero siempre entendíamos el idioma del amor”, recuerda el músico. Por cierto, que luego se enteró de que el mensaje de la tarjeta que envió a su esposa decía “Para el hombre que amo”.

También está inspirada por la experiencia de sus padres, quienes procedentes de dos regiones diferentes y antagónicas de Portugal: las islas en el caso de su madre, y tierra adentro en el de su padre, habían sido advertidos de que no debían unirse.

“Pero ellos escucharon a sus corazones y no las reglas de la cultura”, dijo Chaquico. “Y por eso estoy aquí”, concluyó

Craig Backstage Casselberry Latin Jazz Fest 2015Craig's Harley Birthday Sept 26, 2015Craig and Joe Florida Birthday RideIMG_4983   Caselberry Latin Jazz Fest Craig Chaquico   Craig Chaquico Fan

1SmallCraigChaquicoCarvinEagleWhiteNoBorder CHAIN logo 1

09.20.2015 – Craig Plays The National Anthem for Raiders and Ravens fans at O.Co Coliseum, The Black Hole, Oakland, California.

Craig on Jumbotron Oakland Raiders vs Ravens Anthem09.20.15  Craig beamed down to the Raider Nation mothership in Oakland, California, and played the National Anthem for 55,000 Raiders and Ravens fans at O.Co Coliseum Live and on the huge Jumbotron! Fantastic game between two tremendous teams! 37-33 RAIDERS. This was Craig’s first Live performance with the very first Kiesel/Carvin Aries A6 Model ever shipped. This one was made especially in time for the game to Craig’s own specifications and it came direct from the hands, heart and soul of the Kiesel family’s exquisite trademark guitar-building craftsmanship, tradition, herritage, modern inovation, intelligent design, and commitment to excellence. “MY NEW KIESEL ARIES A6 SURE SOUNDS GREAT PLUGGED STRAIGHT INTO A COLISEUM AND WHENEVER I PLAY IT LIVE AT AN NFL GAME FOR 55,000 FOOTBALL FANS THE RAIDERS ALWAYS WIN!” – Craig

(((•))) Click Here! For CRAIG’S ANTHEM LIVE PERFORMANCE – Sept, 20, 2015!

IMG_4651 Raider Nation Police Escort Craig Chaquico National Anthem soundcheck Raider Nation Soundcheck Craig Chaquico Raiders Nation CC Raider Anthem e8hc91riveffmyl4wsxrqocgiIMG_4647CC ANthem xkbfh4ce9zmlt7paggdeyxaum1Oakland Raiders Craig Chaquico Anthem

This is a photo of Craig Chiquico performing the National Anthem at The Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens game, The Oakland Raiders won 37-33. The game was played at O.Co Coliseum in Oakland, California. September 22, 2015.
This is a photo of Craig Chiquico performing the National Anthem at The Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens game, The Oakland Raiders won 37-33. The game was played at O.Co Coliseum in Oakland, California. September 22, 2015.

Craig Chaquico and Mark Davis Raiders

Craig and Mark with Craig holding his Jimi Dunlop (Benicia, California/Raider Nation) special good luck Raiders guitar pick he used for the Anthem. Raiders won! Great contest between two incredible teams!



(((•))) Click Here for Raiderettes 2015

This is a photo of Craig Chiquico performing the National Anthem at The Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens game, The Oakland Raiders won 37-33. The game was played at O.Co Coliseum in Oakland, California. September 22, 2015.

IMG_4650 IMG_4652 FullSizeRender 106 Craig chillin after AnthemCraig Chaquico Plays Anthem on Harley July 4th Eric, Ginny, and Craig

Some photos courtesy of the Oakland Raiders and the NFL 


08.16.15  Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Red Octopus the September 2015 issue of Guitar Player magazine features an exclusive interview with Craig about recording this iconic, multi-platinum, best-selling Jefferson Starship album ever. Craig is the only original founding member and songwriter on all of the Jefferson Starship and Starship classic hits and anthems of both the ’70s and ’80s.

(((•))) MIRACLES from the #1 Red Octopus by Jefferson Starship

(((•)) FAST BUCK FREDDIE from the 4x #1 Red Octopus by Jefferson Starship


Hyatt Newport Jazz Craig ChaquicoNewportJazzFestivalCraigChaquicoCraigNightNewportBeachJazz CC - Tahoe Sacred Ground Live

Red Octopus Back Cover Chaquico rollingstone

Craig and his national touring band will be celebrating Smooth Jazz and Craig’s 40th anniversary of Jefferson Starship’s best selling album, Red Octopus, at the legendary Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Summer Concert Series in California. Red Octopus, which included “Miracles” and “Fast Buck Freddy,” was released on June 13, 1975, exactly 40 years ago this summer! Besides his more recent Smooth Jazz hits, Craig is the only original founding member to actually appear on all the Jefferson Starship and Starship iconic hits and anthems during the glory years of the ’70s and ’80s.

Red Octopus in the 1970s included Marty Balin, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Pete Sears, Craig, Papa John Creach, David Frieberg, and John Barbata, and in the ’80s, Mickey Thomas and Aynsley Dunbar joined the band.  While other band members came and went throughout both decades, Craig was the last original founding member and hit songwriter to leave the original Starship in 1990, and it was then officially disbanded.

All the huge hits of the ’70s and ’80s were recorded entirely during Craig’s tenure which ended in 1990. Craig’s “Jane” and “Find Your Way Back” are still crowd favorites along with “Sara,” “We Built This City,” “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” “Stranger,” and “Rock Music,” which often appear in Craig’s Smooth Jazz/Concert sets (with a surprise guest or two) and during this special night under the Southern California stars…

CHAQUICO-Smooth-Jazz-News-Purple-copy-2Smooth Jazz, 10th Anniversary SmoothJazzNewsChaquicoSh059

Craig Smooth Jazz News Cover

Craig was on the cover of the very first issue of Smooth Jazz News and was also an original founding member of the very first iconic Guitars and Saxes Tour in the ’90s with Warren Hill, Peter White, Richard Eliott, and later moving forward with Rick Braun,  Jeff Golub, Jeff Kashiwa, and other Smooth Jazz superstars in various G&S configurations. Craig still plays “Lights Out San Francisco” at almost every show.

Craig first invited Ozzie Ahlers (Jerry Garcia Band) to the studio to help co-write, co-produce, and record Craig’s first two #1 solo CDs in the ’90s with music most often inspired by nature, Native America, camping, UFOs, and motorcycles; Acoustic Highway(Bammy winner and Billboard #1 Indie New Age Album of the Year) and Acoustic Planet (Grammy-nominated, #1 on the Billboard National Charts, and Bammy winner)

Guitars and saxes first tour FIRE-RED-MOON-DEBUTS-TOP-15

More of Craig’s #1 hits on Smooth Jazz Radio launched the ’00s with his back-to-back “Cafe Carnival” and “Luminosa” topping the charts before the release of his first blues CD ever which debuted in the Top 15 on Billboard magazine’s National Blues Chart in 2012.

“To me it’s always been about the music and the joy factor created by playing together in a band. My touring band now is no different. My joy factor levels are through the roof!  Redlining!” – Craig

CraigChaquicoRedOctopusLabel1   Craig-Chaquico-Jefferson-Starship-Starship-Years CraigChaquicoSweetwater3CraigAndShae Wade+Olson+at+Tahoe+2015 Jim+Reitzel+at+Tahoe+2015 Ron Reinhardt Michael Paulo Newport


LUMINOSA Craig Chaquico # 1 Raidp & Records 2000-Cafe-Carnival-Number-1 1994-11-12-Billboard-Number-1-Acoustic-Planet-Chaquico Billboard, Acoustic Highway #1 indie -album of the year GRAMMYposter 37

Jefferson Starship Greated Hits Videos We Buit This City Craig Chaquico SARA Craig Chaquico Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now GRAMMY60thAcademyOscars

Miracles-Chaquico JANE Craig Chaquico Find Your Way Back WeBuiltThisCityChaquico SARAchaquico Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Stranger Runaway1 Ride The Tiger Play-On-Love St. Charles Winds Of Change Layin It O The Line No Way Out Count On Me Be My Lady Crazy Feeling With-Your-Love ROCK MUSIC Ligh The Sky On Fires

In 1990 Craig embarked on his own Acoustic Highway and #1, million selling, Grammy nominated, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Instrumental, New Age, acoustic guitar musical trekking. Greetings and salutations to all, with great respect and much gratitude. I am honored. From the accordion to Accoladia; to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new chordalizations;  to boldly go where no…”


 CC - Sweetwater Poster-206.13.15 The legendary Sweetwater Music Hall celebrates 40 years to the day Craig’s Jefferson Starship Red Octopus release, on June, 13, 1975, “…the greatest week of guitar players ever booked at Sweetwater”  Thurs -SANTANA, Fri -MIKE CAMPBELLl (Tom Petty Heartbreaker) Sat -CRAIG CHAQUICO performs hits from all 5 decades of his chart topping guitar playing. (Click the Shows link above for more shows)



((•))Click link for video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJSNfXzdEEM

CCkneeCarvin-1Touring as a Grammy-nominated solo artist earning his own Billboard ‪#‎1s‬ and awards, Craig is also the only original founding member, original lead guitarist and songwriter for Jefferson Starship and Starship – two of the most iconic bands from the ’70s and ’80s – who recorded on all of their original hits and biggest anthems including “Miracles,” “We Built This City,” “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” “Sara,” “Jane,” “Find Your Way Back,” “Runaway,” “Count On Me,” “Fast Buck Freddie,” “Ride The Tiger,” “Stranger,” “With Your Love,” and more…

IJ1  IJ2a

IJ4  IJ3


Bloomsbury BookSIgning Guitar Player Bloomsbury booksigning Guitar Player1 BLOOMSBURY signing

Dara & Jim Guitar Player  GPbookCover 1

BookSigning DG weills 1

CraigDaraBloomsbury1aCraig will be joining editor, Dara Crockett, at D.G. Wills Books on June, 20 in La Jolla, California, to read from and sign Guitar  Player: The Inside Story. Craig was one of the guitar players and national artists who graced the cover of Guitar Player in the ’70s and ’80s and is also proud to be featured along with stellar artists such as George Benson, Joe Perry, Steve Vai, Johnny Winter, Lee Retinour, Pat Metheny, B.B. King and many others as part of this historic and insightfully entertaining new book about the first two decades of the most successful guitar magazine ever.

Carvin CC 275 modelVintageGuitar2Craig will happily play a song or two Live for the guests at D.G. Wills Books on his Carvin Craig Chaquico Signature Model guitar that he designed. “So consider yourself warned…” – Craig   


Craig Dara Jim Crockett Guitar layer Book1

Craig with father and daughter editing team,  Dara and Jim Crockett.  Photo: John Sievert

GuitarsInTheClassroom106.06.15 Craig has joined the Guitars in the Classroom Artist Team! Check out his blog page on the GITC website:http://www.guitarsintheclassroom.org/2015/05/craig-chaquico-joins-gitc-artist-team/


CraigZanBananasGuitarPlayerBookSigning aRedOctopus40thBananas Craig Chaquico and Pete Sears 2015


Bloomsbury BookSIgning Guitar Player Bloomsbury booksigning Guitar Player1 BLOOMSBURY signing

DailyTiddingsNewspaperRack DailyTiddingsPage


We really had a ter-RIFF-ic time at the very first booksigning at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland, Oregon! We were welcomed and made to feel at home by Susan and Greg and the gang. Thanks so much to them for hosting us at our own local, independent bookstore! And especially HUGE thank yous to everybody who came out to support the event on a rainy Oregon Monday evening.

We were told it was one of the best turnouts ever for a book signing there — if not THE best.

Craig played Live in-between readings and demonstrating how to manufacture a guitar pick from a recycled driver’s license (one of the things he was inspired to do as a youth from reading Guitar Player magazine!). On display during the evening, were some of Craig’s own rare, vintage issues of Guitar Player magazine dating from the ’60s to the ’80s.

 BLOOMSBURY signing5.11.15  Craig made an appearance at Bloomsbury Books, in Ashland, Oregon, as part of a tour for the new book, Guitar Player: The Inside Story of the First Two Decades of the Most Successful Guitar Magazine Ever!  Joined by Dara Crockett, who co-edited the book, Craig read from his own story, displayed his own personal collection of vintage issues of the magazine going back to the 60s, answered questions, signed books and played a little guitar for the guests.  It was outrageous fun for all! His next appearance on this tour will be 05-29-13 at 6:30pm at Bananas At Large in San Rafael, California.  See you there!

Carvin V-220 1984  1997-Guitar-Player-Readers-Poll-Number-1-Winner1


03.16.15 My new touring vocalist,  Shaeny Celine Johnson,  and I compare notes on my Jefferson Starship hit, JANE, in front of a packed house at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe, Stateline, NV., on March 7.  Read More for photos and review by Tim Parsons  http://www.tahoeonstage.com/chaquico-concert-review/

03.03.15 Jim Crockett, publisher of Guitar Player Magazine in the ’70s and ’80s, along with Craig Chaquico, are interviewed by Robert Kinsler at the 2015 NAMM Show about the new book, GUITAR PLAYER: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE FIRST TWO DECADES OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL GUITAR MAGAZINE EVER. 

GuitarPlayerBookHalLeonardNAMMshow   Namm1

03.03.15 Supplemental: The Ginormous Hal Leonard Display and Booth at  the Grand Anaheim Convention Center / NAMM mothership.

GuitarPlayerAd   GPbookCover
 ALERT: SPECIAL OFFER FOR CRAIG CHAQUICO FRIENDS:  25% off the cover price plus free domestic shipping (least expensive method) when you order at guitarplayer.halleonardbooks.com Use the ad code BBHL at checkout. The book is also available through Amazon.com

02.03.15 Craig is interviewed during NAMM Show 2015 at Hal Leonard booth by Robert Kinsler about NAMM, the original legendary ’70s Jefferson Starship’s last show in 1978, original Rubbers strap lock system, CARVIN, Guitar Player Magazine, inventing and previewing state-of-the-art gear at NAMM since the ’70s

FenderStrapLoxFender Rubbers Chaquico Rubbers Chaquico invention










02.03.15 NAMM Supplemental .01: Craig’s original 1970s RUBBERS strap lock system (from back in the 70s), and FENDER’s current 2015 STRAP BLOCKS system that FENDER recently just claimed is now, “The most reliable and hassle free instrument strap lock system ever devised.” is so COOL too finally see! Who woulda thunkit?  From the 1970s, to the cover of the January 1982 issue of Guitar Player, to right here and right now. Back to the future today. (AREA-51 space/time travel butterfly-effect and harmonic ripple effect experiment)

1SmallCraigChaquicoCarvinEagleWhiteNoBorder LONG TWEED DIVIDER

CraigChaquicoSigningNAMM2015Carvin   CraigChaquicoNAMMsigningCarvin

02.03.15 NAMM Supplemental .02: Craig signs and answers questions at CARVIN booth

1SmallCraigChaquicoCarvinEagleWhiteNoBorder LONG TWEED DIVIDER


01.12.15 Check out the Carvin CC275 Craig Chaquico Signature Model Guitar Pages 70-71 in VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE, FEB 2015 “14 Stellar Signature Guitars”

1SmallCraigChaquicoCarvinEagleWhiteNoBorder LONG TWEED DIVIDER



01.09.15  Craig’s Carvin CC275 Signature Model Guitar was featured  in GUITAR PLAYER, JAN 2015 “Quick Guide to Signature Acoustics”




1SmallCraigChaquicoCarvinEagleWhiteNoBorder LONG TWEED DIVIDER

Musician's Friend(Click Here) to see and hear – “The Changing Face of Videos: Trends That Can Build Buzz for Your Band


For the longer version of the whole interview as told to Del Hamilton for Musician’s Friend (Click Here) Jefferson State Vibes Jan 2015 issue Craig Chaquico

12.23.14  MUSICIAN’S FRIEND features a Live iPhone video of Craig playing VOODOO CHILD in concert with a his new lead singer along with Craig’s thoughts on the evolution of music video “The Changing Face of Videos

Craig Chaquico and Shaeny Celine Johnson  Craig Chaquico Voodoo Child with Shae Celine Johnson

JANE  https://youtu.be/61QKAw2gbnU and VOODOO CHILD  https://youtu.be/qA8g-KfL6-c

Craig’s new touring band and their first show Live together on stage was the first of 2 nights in concert at the Sundance Film Festival’s Historic Egyptian Theater, Park City Utah, Jan, 2014, and was captured here Live with no studio tricks, backing tracks, samples, or overdubs whatsoever by using an Apple iPhone in the balcony at the back of the house. (…you can actually hear the excellent soundman adjusting the D.I. and mic balance on Craig’s Carvin Bolt guitar and dialing it all in just right on-the-fly!) “…This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing music in this century and I can’t wait to do more!” -Craig

ShaeCD1Shae Celine’s wn CD is available from iTunes and was produced by Narada Michael Waldon, (Multi-platinum producer for Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Santana, etc., and producer of Starship’s #1 smash hit “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now”  with Craig, Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas)

Shae Craig's Jefferson State Studio with BEAMZarea 51 patchhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJi9Wr9Ab3E Click link for Jefferson Stateship Laboratory Experiment #237, Reverse Engineered Alien Technology (code name: BEAMZ) State of Jefferson Area -51: Pilot Rock, Mt Shasta, Table Rocks sector.