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MOUNTAIN IN THE MIST – from Acoustic Highway (a Billboard Magazine #1 album of the year)

GPbookCover 1


Rolling Stone cover Modern Recording cover '70s


  1. and JANE – from Freedom At Point Zero garnered a cover or two.

Sushi in Rollong Stone '80s  Rolling Stone '80  GQ-hit song '81  PEOPLE magazine '79

RUNAWAY – from Earth features Craig’s ’59 Sunburst

Jefferson Starship BAM 70s  Song Hits cover '80s  GuitarPlayer cover  Song Hits cover '83

STRANGER – from Modern Times

Starship BAM '80s   80s Starship Songbook 00004    80s Starship Europe cover

WE BUILT THIS CITY- from Knee Deep In The Hoopla

Craig & Starship Europ00014   Craig and Starship orb00015   USA TODAY b '89 USA TODAY jet a '89 Blue Angels '89

FIND YOUR WAY BACK – from Modern Times

Jefferson Starship Greated Hits Videos     KKSF music Notes Cover    1994-03-06-BAMMIE-Winner-Acoustic-Highway-Chaquico    Acoustic Musician Cover  BAM MAGAIZINE CRAIG CHAQUICO & OTHERS    American Iron cover '97   Smooth Jazz News story

SACRED GROUND – from Acoustic Highway & Harley-Davidson Road Songs

G&S '95  SmoothJazzNewsChaquicoSh059   USA Today Holiday, Craig Chaquico  DailyTiddingsNewspaperRack  Smooth Jazz, 10th Anniversary